Furyon Band and Album Review

Furyon’s latest album Gravitas, Has just recently come out and it is a great example of metal. Very hard head banging fun! Having listened to the album they actually remind me a fair amount of the band Killswitch Engage. This band, coming from the UK originally, has done very well in my opinion. Bringing a cool combination of  heavy metal, progressive, and classic rock. Though I don’t always listen to metal this is definitely a bad that I would keep on my playlist if I was in the mood. [Read more…]

New this week to KSSU Loud Rock – 10.3.2011

3After a four year wait for the follow-up the the stunning The End Is Begun, the ungoogleable neo-prog band 3 has released The Ghost You Gave To Me. YAY! This album is already one of my favorite releases of the year. The lead single “Numbers” contains some of the coolest bass work I’ve heard in a long while and “High Times” is a melodic rollercoaster the likes of which could only be compared to Coheed & Cambria. It is simply what a cynical metal nerd like myself needs in the stagnating era of _____core that I wade through. With that said, I must admit that 3 is NOT a heavy metal band. They are an un-heavy progressive metalish rock band that even the thickest necked deathcore grunt can, nay should, appreciate. Kinda like Rush.

Pick up The Ghost You Gave To Me by 3 via Metal Blade Records. [Read more…]

Music Review: Opeth – “Heritage”

Opeth - Heritage





Following the release of their acclaimed Watershed and the longest wait between albums since the band’s inception 20 plus years ago, Opeth return with the Heritage which is sure to be a head-turner for a few reasons. For one, the album completely lacks growling vocals from frontman/founder/only consistent member/all-around cool dude Mikael Akerfeldt. This is by no means a jab at Akerfeldt though as he produces one of my favorite singing voices not just in metal but all any genre. I point out this fact knowing that there are a number of fans that will actually care about this. To these naysayers I must point out that it is not the first time the band has gone this route. Please see 2005’s masterpiece Damnation. [Read more…]