Any Plans For Halloween? BOO! SF 2018

With Halloween just around the corner, Insomniac Events returns to San Francisco’s Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. Historically, Insomniac Events have been known to throw some of the best parties in California all year ’round. From ringing in the New Year with “Countdown NYE”, and a Valentine’s day rave called “Crush”, you can never go wrong with buying tickets to a party hosted by Insomniac.

This year’s Halloween themed rave “BOO!” returns for another year. Much like last year, it will be a two day event. Since the line up for this year’s event has been released there has been a clear divide on the types of genres being represented this time around.

Day One features some of the world’s most celebrated House DJs and producers. Featuring the likes of Habstrakt, the creator of last summer’s festival anthem “Chicken Soup” this first day is full of bass lines and House records that are guaranteed to have you dancing all night. What I find the most interesting is that Malaa is headlining the show and is scheduled to preform right before the well known DJ Afrojack.

Image courtesy of BOO!

Malaa is signed to the label Confession, pioneered by the French electronic producer Tchami. The Confession recording label has gained a reputation of putting out a number of House records which bring the exotic and seductive sounds of Europe to the United States. Making his debut to the electronic music scene with his single “Notorious”, it is no doubt that the western rave culture has taken a liking to the Future house sound.

I have noticed that a new trend is starting to take over in the Western Electronic Music scene here in Northern California. Around the time of my first rave in 2016, I saw the Trance and Progressive house DJ ATB. In 2016 Big Room House music was trending here in California through the sounds of Calvin Harris and Swedish House Mafia.

Fast forward to present day and in 2018 I’ve noticed a number of California raves and festivals are moving away form the Big Room House sound. Instead, there seems to be a trend of Bass House and Future House talent being booked for most of the events here in California.

I am excited to finally see a whole lineup dedicated to the House genre and I am the most excited to see Malaa live, as well seeing Afrojack closing out the show. BOO! SF’s day 2 line up is more of heavy, head banging sound with GTA and Flosstradamus. Be on the look out for my Day 2 preview. Till then, keep it locked here on KSSU.

Lane 8 “Little By Little” Tour Review

As deep house and trance events are few and far between in Sacramento, Lane 8’s Little by Little Tour was a refreshing event to grace Ace of Spades on Sunday, March 25th. The tour instructions told goers to leave their cell phones out of the event, and to simply be in the moment with everyone in attendance. The deep beats and medium sized crowd ensured that possibility. Thus, because of the simplicity of the beats and lack of visual records, it created an atmosphere that is unlike many of the tours going on in 2018.

The ticket to the event rightly read “This never happened”, as an ode to the days when you could go to clubs and completely release yourself to the simple, singular deep beats in front of you without the inane distractions in your pocket. It truly does take a certain level of concentration to release yourself to one moment, and then another, and then another. This does happen however, and to continue dancing to Little by Little was a transcendental experience that was different from other genres of EDM. It beckons you to put all of yourself into one beat at a time and to let it take you somewhere you can let go. In accomplishing this, Little by Little is uncomplicated in its’ production yet entices the viewer to be bathed in its simplicity. The ethereal and ambient additions in his music make it something of a dream world when you catch yourself entranced by every single beat. His set included his newest album Little by Little, along with a cover of Take a Chance by Flume and his album single No Captain (ft. POLICA). However, the crux of the night came when he played his cover of Innerbloom by Rufus Du Sol. In Lane 8’s Cover, the listless and ambient yearning of the original Innerbloom, is made to feel as if there is a happier meaning to the song.

If you see Lane 8’s Tour near you at any point this year: go. If he is playing a set at your next festival, go, because you won’t experience another set like it soon. It will remind you that the power of concentration and release is cleansing in a world where externalities are always infecting our well-being. To take a moment, and forget what it means to be seen by others, reminds us that even the singular moments we experience in everyday life can be enriching, if only we let them.

Album Review: “Ethnotronica” by Ireesh Lal

EthnotronicaThe turn of the millennium introduced the rise and eventual dominance of electronica in the U.S.  Sure it has existed before and there was a niche who followed it.  But its mass consumability was born post 2000.  Ethnotronica by Ireesh Lal is an interesting addition in the electronica world that may go sadly unnoticed because it isn’t “main stage”-esque, or dubstep, trap, deep house, etc.  What is it?  It is art.  It is music that paints a picture.  It is music that sets various tones, moods, and feelings depending on the track you hear.

The lead off track for the album is “ElectroLounge”.   [Read more…]

True Wubwubwubwub, or How To Pick Up EDM Chicks


Follow these tips, and possibly win the heart of the wubbly girl you like!

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Lady Gaga: “Artpop” Review


Never in my life have I heard an entire album that had to grow on me, but Lady Gaga managed o make this happen with Artpop. If cookie-cutter radio pop and experimental electronica had a lovechild, it would be this album. Maybe I just never expected EDM giant Zedd to produce on the same album as pop icon Will.I.Am, or that these superstars don’t mix easily with the production team from her debut album “Fame” as much as she’d hoped.  But somehow it comes together, if not slightly dysfunctionally.

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A Nightmare Everyone Can Enjoy

nm on bs

As the music industry has grown to embrace the genre of electronica, Sacramento State will be hosting its first known genre specific dance event in the past recent years.

On November 1, Sac State’s student-run radio, KSSU – in association with Associated Students Inc. – will present “Nightmare on Bass Street” from 7-9 p.m. in the Redwood Room of the University Union.

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Electro Music


Ok so I have to admit that I’m starting to really enjoy listening to electro music.  Four years ago some of my DJ friends would play this kind of music during their sets and I would get so annoyed.  Then, they would always tell me “Lorie, you better get used to this, pretty soon this kind of music is going to be played on main stream radio”.  And sure enough, they were right.

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The Elderly Couple, or Why I No Longer Take Relationship Advice

old couple

I stumbled half-alive into the kitchen at one in the morning today, after a very stressful shift at my retail job (the ONE year I have a boyfriend on Valentine’s Day I have to work…don’t you wish you could be so lucky?) As I was setting my wallet and phone on the dining table, my eyes wandered over to the previous day’s newspaper. The front cover of the local news section was taken up entirely by a picture of a very old couple, with a headline that said, “VALENTINES FOR LIFE” in the most in-your-face way imaginable for a newspaper. Scrolling down the page, a very old black-and-white photograph of two toddlers sported the caption, “They share all their childhood memories–and he carries the picture to prove it.”

I know every year the media likes to remind us of what true love is, or whatever their twisted, warped idea of it may be. But 50 years from now, will my closest friends be married to the same people? Will I be married to the same man? How many of us will even actually get to the point where they like it enough to put a ring on it? Is that even a realistic hope anymore: a meaningful marriage that lasts for the rest of your life?

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Festivities are over, but man it was fun

Coachella Sunset 2011 Jamey M Photo.jpg

My most recent concert experience was the music festival Coachella. I knew I was in for a wild weekend and wild people. What I found when I got there was that there were small communities that came together in the name of music. I was expecting hippies and hipsters and nothing else. What I found were college kids, middle adults, teenagers, business men, celebrities and oh yes any kind of music you wanted to hear.  My day one highlight was seeing Dave Chappelle just out walking around and not being bothered by people. But after that it was all about the show.

I probably knew or heard of about 10 acts set to perform and that is what made this festival so unique and fun. The one act I went to see above others were Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg, hologram 2pac. What made the concert for me was discovering new music and artists that I had never listened to. Kasbian and The Buzzcocks were the two that come to mind. These two British bands have been touring and playing for years and absolutely rocked it!! [Read more…]

Music Preview: Hyper Crush “Night Wave”

Music Preview: Hyper Crush “Night Wave”
By: Josue “Josh” Alvarez Mapp (a.k.a. DJ Mappquest)

 Hyper Crush’s second album “Night Wave is slated to release February 7th, 2012.  Their first album, “The Arcade” was pretty solid, however, didn’t shake up the scene for too many.  Nonetheless, the album could make any party good.  They are an electronica, house, trance, pop fusion type of group.  The best way to explain them (which is exceptionally cliche but I am going to do it anyways) is they are kind of what LMFAO and Dev would kind of be if they combined (terrible, I know, I’m sorry). [Read more…]