A return to the World of Warcraft

wow1   WOW is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game better known as an “MMORPG” a common genre, but this game took the world by storm in November of 2004. A friend of mine had been talking up the game the whole year leading up to its release so when I saw it for sale on the day it came out; I thought I’d give it a shot.

You the player are represented by one of the races that inhabit a virtual world full of creatures, quests and adventure. Each race belongs to one of two warring Factions, either the Horde or the Alliance the difference between the Factions are basically territory and character design. Within either Factions territories, and contested territories are multiple biomes in which your character will navigate, this is probably one of the more enjoyable parts of the game for me. Simply the idea of exploring a game world from the comfort of your own home, Minecraft had a similar concept at work.wow4

Now I came back to WOW about a month ago when it was on sale for Black Friday, it was about 5 dollars for a month of game time. I played the game for a couple of months after I picked it up in 2004, I didn’t really stop for any faults of the game I just have a fairly short attention span and games like these can only keep me entertained for so long. WOW requires a subscription fee to which blizzard uses for continued development of World of Warcraft, so I was curious to see what changes had occurred.wow2

Since it’s inception in 2004 Blizzard has created multiple expansion packs which have becoming a part of the core game mechanics. With them we have gained some playable races such as Goblins and Pandas(Yes you can play a humanoid panda) but there have been some more in-depth changes such as various revamps of skill systems and talent trees. Every change I’ve noticed seemed to be with the effort of making the game more user friendly. We are given skills on leveling up instead of having to purchase “Arcane Arrow 5” from a vendor when it was time. They dropped ammunition from the game which freed up some bag space, and I can’t remember, but i believe the bags used to be smaller.

I’ve also noticed that the Auction House has become a far more expensive place, I believe this is caused by the ease of obtaining gold at high levels as well as a player base that has been around for 10 years accumulating currency. All in all I’ve found the game to be about as enjoyable as it ever was, minus some minor inconveniences we used to experience. There is one thing i’d like to point out though, the world itself has changed since it came out. Searing craters and biome switches have occurred, one of my favorite areas was turned into a giant lake. Which actually improved my experience the second time running through the world of Warcraft.wow3

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