TBD Fest 2014 Review

10497888_977879928905052_6671002027215165432_oAnd just like that, TBD Fest 2014 came and went.  I won’t bore you with the historical background of this festival (I already did that).  So lets get to it!

There were some technical difficulties of sorts to start things off.  The crowd was not let in to the grounds on opening day, October 3rd, until close to the close of amazing local band Autumn Sky’s set around 4 PM’ish.  Once things opened up and everyone came in, amazing happened.  I could tell you how amazing so many artists were this weekend, but that would be a very lengthy read for you.  Instead, just know that many were extremely on point.  But for the sake of getting it out there, here’s a list of bands I saw (in no particular order except from me reading the schedule from Friday to Sunday):  Autumn Sky, Who Cares, Exmag, Young Rising Sons, The Drums, Gramatik, Com Truise, Dillon Francis, Danny Brown, French Horn Rebellion, The War on Drugs, Male Gaze, Smallpools, Sister Crayon, MS MR, Teen Daze, Explosions in the Sky, Keys N Krates, Kurt Vile and the Violators, Total Slacker, Deltron 3030, 8th Grader, and Yacht. [Read more…]

TBD Fest Preview

tbd-fest-2014-1557452-regularComing on October 3rd, 4th, and 5th, Sacramento will be sonically assaulted by the biggest musical festival the 916 has yet to see.  From the makers of the Launch Festival comes to newly re-branded TBD Fest!

The Launch crew is seven years deep in experience with providing Sacramento with their SXSW-inspired festival.  For a number of years, Launch was a one day ordeal.  In 2012, Launch expanded into a two-day extravaganza.  Last year, Launch was a two-day party at Cesar Chavez Park, with a pre-party being held the Friday before at Ace of Spades.  Those three days last year was probably the most fun, enhancing, and artistically filled days of my life on the best coast.  Last saw headlining acts of Wallpaper on Friday at the pre-Launch Party at Ace of Spades, and Girl Talk and Imagine Dragons on Saturday and Sunday night at Cesar Chavez Park in Downtown Sacramento.   [Read more…]

Festivities are over, but man it was fun

Coachella Sunset 2011 Jamey M Photo.jpg

My most recent concert experience was the music festival Coachella. I knew I was in for a wild weekend and wild people. What I found when I got there was that there were small communities that came together in the name of music. I was expecting hippies and hipsters and nothing else. What I found were college kids, middle adults, teenagers, business men, celebrities and oh yes any kind of music you wanted to hear.  My day one highlight was seeing Dave Chappelle just out walking around and not being bothered by people. But after that it was all about the show.

I probably knew or heard of about 10 acts set to perform and that is what made this festival so unique and fun. The one act I went to see above others were Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg, hologram 2pac. What made the concert for me was discovering new music and artists that I had never listened to. Kasbian and The Buzzcocks were the two that come to mind. These two British bands have been touring and playing for years and absolutely rocked it!! [Read more…]


These views are of the author and do not reflect Associated Students Incorporated, the California State University at Sacramento, or KSSU. Translation “you might not like this”

The Casey Anthony trail wrapped up today. Ms. Anothony being found not guilty of murdering her two year daughter Caylee. I am not going to talk about the specifics of the case, or how the decision came or who failed? I am much more worried by the reaction to the decision.

It would appear we have a society of people who are ready to condemn people to death based on a combination of some sound bites, video highlights, what someone on TV said and their “gut feeling”.

To be honest that scares the hell out of me. Let us be clear, with the exception of the people who were in the courtroom for the entire trial, have seen a small fraction of what the jury has seen. I have heard  variety of interesting quotes from people I know and people on the internet, TV, etc. and I want to look at a few down real quick. You do not know all the details, you are a spectator and thankfully not the determining factor in a decision of guilt or innocence.

  • “Just look at her, she isn’t normal”
    • Yes, because anyone who has been imprisoned for two years and charged with the murder of his or her child will be totally normal.
  • “I KNOW she did it”
    • Interesting, why did you withhold the concrete evidence you have that implicates Casey Anthony in this case? If you know she did it you should probably come forward with it quickly.
  • “She got away with it”
    • See my answer above.
  • “They only declared her “not guilty” it doesn’t mean she is innocent”
    • Yes a jury of her peers, after reviewing all of the evidence presented to them by prosecutors, still had doubts of her guilt.

That last one brings up some hard questions about what we value as Justice. The entire point of the trail is to protect the innocent, You must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt to be guilty.

  • “This is a travesty of Justice
    • Let’s talk about Justice for a second. What is a worse slight against Justice? A woman getting away with murder because there was insufficient evidence to prove she did it or A woman being wrongfully convicted?

I have heard people throw the “tragedy” word around a lot in the last few hours. Which is a shameful misuse of the word. The tragedy has nothing to do with the trial, regardless of the accuracy of the verdict. The true tragedy is the crime. It is the loss of life of a child. It is an emotional thing and something that virtually anyone can connect to on a serious emotional level. Prominent “journalist” Nancy Grace, said that “The Devil is dancing tonite”. How on earth can you make that statement regarding the trial? He wasn’t dancing about the crime?

I understand that this is an emotional trial for many people, but those emotions cannot override our criminal justice system. Your intuition is not sufficient for someone to die. People seem to see this a failure of the justice system. I disagree, the day trials are decided by people who have not seen all of the evidence, people who get lost in the emotions of the case, is the day the justice system fails.

I do not know the “truth” of the matter, I suspect very few people do. I just know I am not condemning anyone to death without it.

Think I am an idiot? Feel free to tell me in the comments.