Got7 Flight Log: Departure


In light of all the recent comebacks of the Kpop industry, Got7’s comeback has been one of the best ones I have seen this year by far. With their title track “Fly”,  Got7’s album “Flight Log: Departure” contains tasty R&B tracks that show the boys’ potential as a group.


In this album, there are 7 tracks in the digital download and 8 tracks in the physical copy.


  1. Fly
  2. Can’t
  3. See The Light
  4. Fish
  5. Rewind
  6. Beggin On My Knees
  7. Something Good
  8. Home Run (Physical Album)

Keep in mind “Home Run” will be released digitally eventually sometime in April, 2016.

Being a Got7 fangirl, it was hard to narrow down my favorite of the bunch listed. But in the end I decided that my top tracks were: Fly, Something Good, and Home Run.

“Fly” is their title song of the album. By far it’s one of my favorite Got7 songs to date. I love how mature it sounds compared to their previous hits. The production is great and the R&B sound has hints of elements of electronica. Hearing my favorite group member, JB, sing in English was also that made me super happy!!! Everyone got equal parts in the song and some members surprised me with their lines. With this song, the music video itself was amazing and so was the choreography. This song also took home the gold in music award shows. They won first place with “Fly” in Mnet’s comeback stage and on Ingikayo (various music competition shows in Korea). There are more to come but these were the only award shows, that they won, I could think of on the top of my head.

“Something Good” was definitely something good to my ears (bad pun I know…). But in all seriousness I really love the bubbly feel this song gave off. The piano and synths made it so cheery and cute. Youngjae’s vocals really stood out in this song to me out of everyone else. It fits his range really well and he blended well with JB’s voice as well.

“Home Run” is a more exclusive track due to it being only limited to physical copies of the album. This is a song that my favorite, JB, wrote. Despite the fact that my favorite in the group wrote this song, I genuinely liked the tune. The synths were catchy and cheery, similar to “Something Good.” I liked the melody line and the upbeat tempo this song had. Everyone had equal parts and I thoroughly enjoyed JB’s voice during the chorus.

This album definitely showed off the group’s potential for a more mature sound compared to their older hits such as  “Just Right” and “A”. Out of the 2016 comebacks I personally choose Got7 due to how much their new sound took me by surprise. Got7’s R&B sound has changed from 2014 and has shaped into a sound that is even more catchy than before. If you end up checking out Got7 and like what you hear, check out more of JYP Entertainment’s other groups.

From yours truly,

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Album Review: Art Angels

Grimes Art AngelsIn Grimes fourth album Art Angels, her unique pop like sound is brought out on the various tracks in this album. I have heard about Grimes with her previous album, “Visions”,  being recorded on Garageband but I have yet to try and listen to her content. Grimes is a Canadian producer, singer, and performer that takes influence from different genres of music. These genres include: R&B, Kpop, Jpop, videogame music, pop, medieval music, rock, etc. I will be talking about tracks I really liked off of this album that stood out to me.

First impressions of this album for me was that it was very synth-dreamlike pop. My favorite songs off the album are Realiti and Venus Fly. Realiti is very dream like with cool synths that I found pleasing to the ear. It gave off a video game kind of vibe with synths that sounded almost 8bit like. With Venus Fly, I enjoyed the energy the song gave off. This track sounded more pop like due to the upbeat tempo it had. Along with this track, Janelle Monáe was featured. I liked how the heavier set drums transitioned in. What I also loved about this track was the switch from a major key sounding upbeat and happy to a minor key with heavy drums distorted synths. The addition of the violin over the track was very tasteful and I will definitely see myself adding this to my playlist for listening and on my show!

Art Angels itself is very unique which is what I love about it. Originality is there and the concept of the album portrays her various musical influences that I mentioned earlier. Being a Kpop, Jpop, and R&B lover myself, I can hear the distinct elements of these genres in the tracks. In the track Kill V. Maim, the song itself has a rock feel to it with the addition of a synth track that sounds video game like. With Grimes singing over this track, I hear the Jpop style she’s trying to achieve with the high pitch singing and squeaky voice she does to give off that “Kawaii” vibe that most Jpop female artists have. Another track off this album, World Princess part II, definitely gives off the video game vibe with its heavily retro based synths. I really liked the song Butterfly and how it was produced. This track had some of my favorite elements that I mentioned earlier: Kpop, Jpop, and Videogame like. The tempo and drums used stuck to me as Kpop like. The jpop aspect could be found in the vocals as stated above and the videogame portion of it was heard in the synths.

Overall this album is unique, flavorful, and catchy. With the unique blend of influences and production, this is something you guys should check out. It is easily one of my favorite albums of 2015 and I will definitely be playing some tracks from this album on my show. If you love Grimes, be sure to check out her other albums as well. Also be sure to tune into “The Roost” with me DJ K.K. Slider on Wednesdays at 4pm on KSSU!



Blockbuster – Block B in the USA 2015 Tour

Block B

Yo yall, life man, seriously… life is so good!! LET. ME. TELL. YOU WHY!!!

Block B!! I loved them since they first debuted in 2011. I’ve been following them and they’ve seriously grown immensely with their music, especially Zico, who’s my top 3 bias of all biases! My boo! *swoooooon* ANY WHO! What drew me to them was the mere fact that they weren’t your typical kpop-“pop”-group. They were more hip hop! That was completely new to me, because during that time hip hop wasn’t that big in Korea as it is now, so the music I’ve listened to was mostly pop songs. Although, I’ve always been into American Hip Hop/Rap, I just never ventured to that genre when listening to k-pop.

So KPOP like to do this thing where they like to spring on their fans that they’re coming to the states with very little time for anyone to prepare….mentally and financially. It gets pretty chaotic when news break out that the groups I love are coming… like its a combo of whirlwind-hurricane-earthquake-volcano eruption in my mind and heart.

When SubKulture announced that they were bringing Block B to the states I screamed, then I panicked. In the last span of 6 months I’ve been 5 concerts! 5!! They’re not cheap!! KPOP IS EXPENSIVE YALL!! Yes flowers are ridiculously expensive. So out of those 5 concerts, I did see them at KCON, but it just wasn’t enough. I sat so far away and they only performed a few songs. I needed more Block B, More Zico!

Sadly, my wallet wasn’t having none of it. As it coughed up dust with a dead moth inside, it was like “Ha-ha-ha have you seen your money?! Because I haven’t.” *cries*

Then last week Zico dropped his new single “Boys and Girls” and I’m like.. Is this a sign?!!? Should I go?! I kept asking pestering my friend Sue, who loves Zico as much as I do, (I don’t mind sharing biases, I’m nice like that lol) if we should go, but she was in the same situation as I was, poor-ness. I told her that a lot of the time, when it gets closer to the concert date, people start selling tickets for dirt cheap. She said if it was cheap enough, she’d be down.

So I found a group on Facebook and asked around to see if anyone was selling cheap tickets.

A girl posted saying that KORE was selling tickets for 40% off. I was like Oh my gah.. perfect! However she messaged me and told me to email an employee from SubKulture with how many tickets I wanted and which section. So on Monday, I did as instructed.

Tuesday morning I woke up to a reply from SubKulture saying that they’ll give me two comp tickets to GA and just pick it up from Will Call!!!


Like YALLL!!!!!! I was freakin out!! LIKE I HAD A SMILE PLASTERED ON MY FACE ALL DAY!!!! I felt like I was walking on cloud nine! I was like, this was meant to be! Zico and I were meant to be. This is how we’d meet and he’ll fall in love with me. We’d get married and have little rapping babies. Perfect. Just perfect.

The day of the concert we went and lined up 3 hours in advanced since it was GA. They were letting will-calls in one by one to pick up their tickets… as I got to the front, I said my name and THEN the girl handed me my ticket and said, “Here you go,” then she pointed at another table, “go towards the prize tables to see if you won.”

I was like … “Wait what?”

She said, “See if you won photo opp, hi-touch, or other merchandise.

I almost fell to the floor, literally! I was like “WHAT?!?! THERE’S A CHANCE FOR ME TOO?!” I thought it was only for those who had bought their tickets. Sue and I started hopping over to the other tables like excited minions. I didn’t want to expect much because the free tickets were ALREADY  too much for me to handle, I couldn’t imagine getting any more because life doesn’t work like that… not for me at least.

Sue handed her ticket over. They were quiet and shook their head apologetically, “Sorry, you didn’t win.”

My hands shook a little as I handed my ticket.

“You got Hi-touch!”

“What?” I thought I was hearing things.

“You got hi-touch.”

I dropped to the ground and then I screamed as I popped back up!!



The concert was so lit! From their first song, “Very Good” to their Encore songs!! Their stage presence and vibe was pure fire. I’ve been to two shows at the Warfield before for Got7 and Epik High, but man, Block B’s stage set up was just WOW!! The stage itself is pretty small, but you would never have guessed after seeing Block B’s bright TV screen and lightings. I got lost in their music. I personally loved that it wasn’t a packed house! I was able to stand in front of second level of GA and was able to see them perfectly. I’m 5’1 so I hate GAs, but it was just perfect, where I stood. We danced and hopped around so much because where we stood, barely anyone was there, so I wild out to my heart’s content! I’m limping today because my calves are on fire, just like the show — HAH! They’re so freakin amazing live. All the energy that you feel watching them in videos just don’t do them justice, but I knew that! Their songs always pumps me up when I listen to it, but hearing them live and seeing them that up close was a whole new crazy awesome experience. 

When Zico performed “Okey Dokey” though, I went nuts!

Zico is life.

I wished I could brag about Hi-Touch more, but unfortunately I wasn’t prepared for it. I knew it’d go fast and it did. Like herds of fast moving cows, as quickly as we got up on the stage to Hi-five them, we got off. It took no more than 5 seconds for the whole thing. I’m shy… so when I saw Zico… I couldn’t even look at him or anyone else for that matter. Honestly, I would’ve needed weeks to prepare for those 5 seconds. A few hours just wasn’t enough, but I regret nothing.

All in all, great concert! Just UGH! AMAZEBALLS! I came with literally no expectations except enjoy the awesome music and walked out feeling blessed.

Seriously. LAST concert of the year. LAST!

My heart is concert-ed out.

….unless they’re free, again.




It’s been 4 days since the BigBang MADE Concert and I’m still empty inside….

Three years ago I wasn’t that into that BigBang and I went to their Alive Galaxy tour and sat in the nose bleed section because I only liked them a bit and just wanted to see them perform. Seriously, hands down that was one of the best concerts I’ve been to, and vowed the next time they come, I’d get better seats!

Fast forward three years later, they announced another world tour for their M.A.D.E albums. My friend Julie and I knew we HAD to go. It was a must. No doubt about it. They released the details for the VIP packages which were different from the general admission with sound check and the regular seated tickets.

The 2 VIP packages:


  • One GA Pit ticket to the show!
  • Exclusive access to the BIGBANG Soundcheck
  • Early entrance into the venue before general doors
  • Send off Artists post show at the BIGBANG Send Off Event!
  • One VIP parking space per order (where available)
  • Crowd free merchandise shopping
  • Commemorative VIP laminate
  • Specially designed BIGBANG gift bag (exclusive to VIPs)
  • Designated VIP Nation check-in
  • On-site VIP host


  • One GA Pit ticket to the show!
  • Exclusive access to the BIGBANG Soundcheck
  • Early entrance into the venue before general doors
  • Commemorative VIP laminate
  • Specially designed BIGBANG gift bag (exclusive to VIPs)
  • Designated VIP Nation check-in
  • On-site VIP host

Let it be known that they didn’t tell us the prices of these packages until it went on sale. So the morning of, my friend and I, both at work, waited by our computers and decided whoever could, just buy both tickets first, because the Alive tour sold out within 2 hours, so we didn’t want to risk not being able to get the tickets.

Right when it hit 10AM, we logged onto TicketMaster and the prices for the packages freakin dropped kicked me in my face and then a hadouken to the heart.

I immediately texted Julie and said I couldn’t do any of the packages because I’m a poor student, but we could do the VIP General Admission!! Which was still expensive, but I was willing to dish out.

Then she told me…. “Oops I just bought us the Bae Bae”
My heart plummeted to the pits of my stomach, all the way down to the burning holes of my empty wallet.

But in the end, I told her eff it! It’s going to be my last BigBang Concert anyways. I wasn’t that big of a fan still. 

So days leading up to the concert, I didn’t feel that excited about the concert. Their albums was good but wasn’t great in my opinion and I was dreading the pit the most. I’m 5’1. Pits scares me. All the pushing and shoving and tall people… Let’s just say I never had a good experience with General Admission standing concerts.

Day of the concert, we arrived at the Honda Center 4 hours early to wait in line, because we wanted a good place in the pit. We were still #200 and that was JUST for Bae Bae. There were fans (who we thought at first were staffs) writing numbers and type of ticket on our wrist and divided and organized everyone into certain lines accordingly to make sure it was legit-ly first-come-first-serve. Supposedly they had come from the Vegas show, and it was chaos, so they decided to do something about it at the SoCal shows… can you say dedicated fans?!

As they ushered us in. My heart began pumping like crazy when I realized how close we were to the stage, I looked around and realized that only 2/3 of the pit was filled, which was awesome because there was so much room, which also meant… I WAS ABLE TO SEE!!

I started to jump up and down excitedly as their Quentin Taratino-ish movie started to play indicating that the concert was starting soon. Gahhhhh the video was so badass with explosions, guns and car races. As their music started playing and you hear their voice through the speakers and I freakin lost it!

The concert was MIND BLOWING! From the lighting to the moving bridges that connected the main stage to the front stage, fireworks, and the boy’s stage presence that oozed nothing but high energy was so freakin perfect! It was amazing because you can actually see their popularity and the love from their fans when you look out to see the ocean of gold-crown light sticks that lit up like stars in the sold-out arena.

I did not stop dancing and screaming throughout the whole concert because all the song that they performed were all upbeat and full of hype. The only 2 mellow/sad songs that they performed were “If You” and “Haru Haru.” They probably took 2 little breaks, but other than that, they performed the entire duration of the show. I thought that the Alive Galaxy show was the shizz, but this concert blew their last one out of the freakin water! Their English improved immensely, besides TOP, all the boys spoke in English the whole entire time.

I died and came back to life and died again repeatedly like a freakin phoenix because of their fan service! They would make eye contact and personally connected and reacted to each section of the pit and general admissions. Yo, even the freakin back up dancers, who were so freakin attractive as heck, were even dangerously flirting with the fans, with their winks and seductive dance! Ugh! I can’t even..

I wish I could describe the whole concert even more, but it was just so incredible. I didn’t once look at the time wondering when it’ll end or wondered about my surrounding or even if my friend was still around me, I was so immersed in the show, completely in my own universe that when they said farewell, it yanked me back to reality and I was so bewildered.

The post concert depression is worst than my last break up with my ex…. real talk. *sigh*

Everyone who likes KPOP neeeeeeds to experience BigBang in concert. My friend brought her friend who never even heard of KPOP, let alone BigBang.. let’s just say, she’s now a fan. hahaha

But word on the street.. they won’t be back for at LEAST another 2-3 years, since they’ll be going to the Army soon (it’s mandatory in South Korea for men to join the Army before they turn 30).

Ughhh… selling my soul for the Bae Bae package was mos def worth it.

Remember when I said it was my last BigBang concert.. It won’t be. LOL.

I’m officially KPOP-ed out for the rest of the year.

Saved the best for last, and it definitely went out with a BANG! (pun intended)


Day6 – The Day


JYP Entertainment has debut their new boy group Day6  on September 7th. It’s been more than a year and a half since their last group Got7 debuted in January 2014. Day6 is different from any group that has been created by JYP because; Are you ready for it??? They’re a rock band! The members consists of leader Sungjin, Young K (Brian Kang), who appeared on K-Pop star in 2010, Jaehyung, who also appeared on K-Pop Star in 2012, Junhyeok, Wonpil and the youngest, who was added a few months before debut, Dowoon.

If anyone follows KPOP, you might remember YG Entertainment’s reality/survival show, “Who is Next: Win,” where YG’s two team, Team A and Team B went to JYP’s building and had a competition with, at the time they haven’t debuted yet, but Got7 and 5Live. 5Live was none other than our Day6. One thing that I remembered on that episode was that Young K k-k-k-killed it during the rap battle! This was shocking because when it comes to hip hop and rapping, we all knew there was no competition. That’s YG, that’s what they’re basically all about. JYP was more about pop. However when Young K, Jackson (Got7), and Mark (Got7) rapped, let’s just say I had to pick my jaw off the floor. Even Mr. YG complimented!

So I’m going to be honest, when I heard Day6 debuted, I didn’t care. I’m not a rock band type of girl. I’ve heard a couple songs from FT Island and CN Blue, but I’ve never been really into that genre. So a few days ago I was on tumblr and my feed was blowing up with screenshots of Jaehyung’s twitter and I kid you not, I was rolling on the floor, not because I was on fire and trying to put it out, but I was holding my stomach and crying from laughing. I personally dub him Hashtag King. So I fell in love with him at first hashtag and decided to watch their debut music video, “Congratulations.” Still I was like, “Meh.”

Then they posted their live performance and let me tell you… I fell in love with ALL of them! All! The way they sing with so much passion and perfection, I was in awe. In MY personal opinion.. JYP sometimes choose people base off looks and not talent, not that they don’t have talents, just not EVERYONE has talent. But I was completely amazed that everyone in this band was amazing live! AND!!! They’re ALL hot! But… we shouldn’t judge bands by their looks right? Right. *cough cough*

Then, they done did it yall, they posted two more live performance of “Freely”and “Habits, which are songs from their album and I fell in love with them even more! I have this thing where if the band is better live than their studio version, I become even more intrigued.  So I bought their entire album on iTunes… and now here I am, I am officially Day6 trash. Complete and utter trash. I’ve literally listened to nothing but their album, on repeat, for the last 5 days and I still can’t get enough.

Breakdown of each song in my opinion:

1.) Freely

  • Fun hyped beat right from the beginning and then the chorus hits and it makes you want to flail your arms around as you hop up and down.

2.) Out of My Mind

  • My personal favvvvv! It starts out with a steady catchy beat making you tap your feet and bob your head then the chorus hits and it makes your lift your fingers in the air and jam to their power vocals….Woo!

3.) Congratulations

  • This definitely deserves to be their title track. You really get a taste of their potential talent. You can hear the ranges of their voices and also you can feel the emotions in their vocals and that itself is awesome.

4.) Habits

  • Upbeat and chill. Love the chorus! Every time the beat hits, my head always nods with a boom! Wonpil and Junhyeok’s voices really stands out a lot in this song, I loved their parts so much.

5.) Like that Sun

  • Chill vibe. Probably my least favorite, but that doesn’t mean it’s not good! It’s good. Just not AS good as the others.

6.) Colors

  • Warning: Do not listen to this song at night in the dark, by yourself with headphones/earbuds on. JUST DON’T DO IT! Dudeeesss…. so many feelzzz listening to this song. How are they going to put an album of all happy-dance-worthy songs and hit you with this heart wrenching last song. It just HAD to be the last. But yes, POW to the heart. POW!

I hope you guys give these fellas a chance! I will most def be playing them on my show! Keep a look out!



-Ronarockss is a dj with KSSU


All About Kpop!

Today, Korean pop (Kpop) is a significant genre in the music industry. Some of it has even made its way here to the U.S. such as Psy’s “Gangnam Style” and 2ne1’s “I Am The Best”. Kpop is a global sensation, especially here in America. Today I’m here to talk about some of my personal favorite groups in the industry as well as other things Kpop related!

Let’s start with Girl’s Day!


Girl’s Day is my favorite girl group in the Kpop industry. Their songs are really catchy, happy, and upbeat. Some of their biggest hits are Expectation, Female President, Twinkle Twinkle, Darling, and many more. Out of all their hits, Don’t Forget Me is my all time favorite. The members consist of Park Sojin, Bang Minah, Kim Yura, and Lee Hyeri. Originally they had five members but the other member, Jihae, dropped out. Girl’s Day’s popularity has been on the rise internationally. Just last year, they made their first U.S. debut at the free Korean Wave concert in Los Angeles (unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend at the time). One of the members, Minah, made her solo debut this year. It’s been a success so far and I am proud of her accomplishments as an artist! Out of the 4 girls, Sojin remains to be my favorite! She is the leader of the group and I respect her talents and looks (especially for a 30 year old in the industry). As for their upcoming schedules, Girl’s Day plans on making a comeback this year.

Now let’s move on to my favorite boy group, Infinite.


I am a huge fan of this group not only because of their looks but because of their talent. This seven member group is one of the top boy groups of Kpop today. The members are: Kim Myungsoo (or L), Woo-Hyun, Kim Sung-Kyu, Lee Sung-yeol, Hoya, Sung-Jong, and Dong-Woo. Some of Infinite’s hits are The Chaser, Back, Last Romeo, Destiny, and many more. Out of their hit songs, The Chaser remains my favorite. Their success has been growing to where they have formed sub groups on the side (Infinite H and Infinite F). Along with Girl’s Day, Infinite also performed for the first time in America at the Korean Wave Concert in 2014. Infinite plans on making a comeback this year as well and I look forward to what they have to bring! L is my favorite member out of the group and I hope to someday see all of their beautiful faces live in concert.

I’ve been in the Kpop fandom since I was in elementary school. It’s always been a goal of mine to attend at least one Kpop concert. Just recently I got tickets to see one of my favorite groups, Epik High, live in SF on May 28th! I’m extremely stoked since I’ve been a fan since 5th grade.

Later this year, I plan on attending Kcon this year in Los Angeles. For those of you who don’t know, Kcon is a huge Kpop convention with concerts from big Kpop groups. It is one of the biggest Kpop events in America and is growing every year in numbers. Although the line up and dates have yet to be announced, I hope I will get my hands on VIP tickets so I can meet the Kpop stars there. Kpop has been apart of my life for a while now and I hope it will continue to grow more around the world!

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