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Terror struck. In a tiny room, a tiny walk-in closet sized room, Ben stood stunned. He is boxed into a bright white shoebox. Not knowing how he got here, Ben reached out his hand to touch the wall. Hoping to knock, find a weak spot in the wall, he 6 instead stirred up a cloud of swirling colors. It was like watching paint swirl, but creepier. This wispy smoke swirled around the spot he had put his hand. On instinct he reached up, tried to keep it contained. But, as he put up his hands, the colorful dust settled. And, there, was a window in front of him. Outside the window was just bright white. Ben turned to the side, and put out his hands. The side of the room expanded to a hallway. “Weird,” he marveled as he wondered what was done to him, that he is seeing this strangeness. A pure white hallway lay before him. He slowly braved the hall, step by step. Putting his hands out, to the side and in front of him to see what would happen. Yellows, blues, purples all followed him, wisping around him like food coloring diving into a glass of water. He paused to look back. Behind him was completed hall. It was dimly lit, and fully furnished now. Earth tones now decorated the space. Comfortable chairs, that begged to be rested on. A full suit of armor stood in the corner. Baffled, Ben slowly turned toward the direction he was walking. He stopped dead in his tracks. “What the-“ he exclaimed, because standing directly in front of him on the wall of the hallway in between where he’d been and where he was going, was half a fire place. And, it was burning. To one side of the hallway, bright white nothing, to the other, a room as lived in as anyone’s. Ben marveled at the dancing flames, that came to an abrupt, straight-edged, stop. It was as if something bright white was directly in front of the flames. Ben couldn’t stop staring. He ruined the effect, accidentally, as he raised his hand while amazed at what lay before his eyes. Suddenly the swirling colored mist filled in the other half. He turned toward the rest of the hallway, spinning and twirling, dancing along with the mist as the empty room had life breathed into it. BOOM. He hit the wall, or door rather. Because suddenly there was a door in front of him. Suddenly terror struck again, should he open it? Should Ben turn around, to the left, or right? Should he try and find a way up or down?

I’m DJ Tray Squat

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U Sung Eun’s 2nd Mini Album

U Sun EunU Sung Eun: Mini 02 | Date released: 2015.10.12

Thoughts: At first, I was looking for more new Korean music to listen to. I didn’t care what type of genres, so I happened to come across U Sung Eun’s 2nd Mini Album when I saw her cover. She looks interesting because of her title, “Nothing”. I was just wondering how she would sound like and when I listened to this album, I was surprised that how come I didn’t noticed her past songs until now. I wished that I could have heard her before, but I didn’t. To be honest, hearing U Sung Eun for the first time impressed me. Even if the language is unfamiliar to most ears, she holds attitude in her voice brings the songs out even more. U Sung Eun chose great music to fit with her R&B voice.

About the Artist: Yoo Sung Eun (or U Sung Eun) participated in 2012 MNET’s ‘The Voice of Korea’; the Korean version of America’s the Voice. She came in second place in the contest and made her debut (song: “Be OK”) into the music industry in July 2013.

Review: U Sung Eun released this mini album Mini 02 contains her R&B and Soul style. She recaptures a new sensation feel in the industry for the month of October. This album is full of emotions that fit well in the Autumn season; the season where everything can start new. In other words, since Autumn is the season where school starts, it’s a new beginning for most people because they come new as students or they are adjusting to a new college life, just like the spring time. I found her music flows in the sense of the “fall” season. Her songs are well with her strong voice vibes through the lyrics. Recommended Tracks: 1, 4, 5, and 6

The lyrics of “Nothing” expresses a breakup between a couple and the memories they had, which are now worthless. U Sung Eun plays as the heartbroken girl in the music video who sits down in the kitchen with a chef. In the scene, the camera focuses on the food dishes are being cooked for audience to see. The significance, which I believe, shows a new happiness she can look forward to instead of just thinking about her breakup. At the end of the video, she is able to have a smile when she has a first bite of the dish. The smile represents the end of her slow sorrow. (Check out the Music Video:!)

Term: Mini Album: A half album that usually consists with five to six tracks only.

Track list:

  1. Nothing (ft. 문별 of 마마무) | Translation: Nothing (ft. Moon Byul of Mamamoo)
  2. 일이 먼저지| Translation: Work Comes First
  3. Fix Me (ft. 루이 of 긱스) | Translation: Fix Me (ft. Louie of Greeks)
  4. 아차피 한번은 아파야해 (E. Piano Version) | Translation: You Need to Get Hurt Once Anyway
  5. 오늘밤에 뭐해요 | Translation: What Are You Doing Tonight?
  6. Nothing (Live Session Version)

By the way, since this month the month for Turkey craze, this music video is perfect for that. The food in this story shows the happiness that brought U Sung Eun to smile. So, listen to this mini album and feel grateful for the upcoming holiday.

Alex is a dj for KSSU

Why Theatre?

Cole Theater small

Being a first year student, I already knew what major do I want to go in, but I wasn’t too sure what I really wanted to do in the field. What I had decided to get into is Theatre. How did I come about that choice? Well, let me just bring everything back before I even gotten into college.

At first, I didn’t have any ideas what to do in the theatre. All I ever knew was just working behind the scenes, being a part of the crew and production. I was interested in being a part of the theatre because I treated this major like student government, which was what I experienced my entire time in high school. Being in student government, I am used to working in teams to get a task done. That was how the system always worked. We would set up and outline ideas for a show like school events and rallies. We would run rehearsals for the events. Everything’s all practiced and planned, so when the day came, we put the show out. Even if we messed up, we continued to get the show running. That’s my favorite part of being in student government. Help the needs and then run the show by observing everything and everyone. For what I want was to find a major that I can do something similar to that. Theatre was a way for me to continue that group work to put up a show.

Coming into Freshmen Orientation, I had that mindset on. I then finalized that I was able to go into becoming a stage manager for the show. I was always leading the students in student government like a stage manager would do and I was always just watching in action. That was my motivation for the first time. Stage Manager sounded really great and exciting. You get the chance to run everything yourself this time. In September, there was even an offer for stage manager position from department chair of Theatre for the upcoming play that she was directing. I really wanted to do it, but I thought hard about my consequences of if I took on this path. Yes, it would be fun to experience of being the stage manager, but would I be able to handle the stress? I was taking two lecture class and a seminar class. That I knew right away, I wouldn’t stand a chance. It’s not because I had low expectations of my abilities, but I didn’t want to build stress in me. It was my first year and I didn’t want to push myself to the limits of being a stage manager. I passed up the offer. Did I regret it? No, I am thankful with my decision. There’s a long way for me to go and if I really wanted to do this, I probably will or will not.

At the time, I had no idea what to do now with theatre. I was unsure, and it is fine to be unsure about your major, especially when you’re just a first year. I just decided that stage managing is not the right time now, so I just thought to stick with my original idea of being a part of the crew. It wasn’t until I began taking Theater History 2 this semester with Dr. Pomo when I discovered my admiration with costumes. In this course, I had definitely fallen in love with Sanskrit Drama, Yuan Drama, and the Japanese Drama (Noh, Bunraku, and Kabuki). Their costumes were amazing. The Sanskrit Drama were full of arts because of how the actors and actresses move around gracefully with their colorful costumes. I find that so catchy because the color represents their character. This goes the same with the Yuan and Japanese Drama. The colors are symbolic to a specific character trait like green stands for demon and black stands for courageous. The Asian Theatre is just too beautiful to pass up. With the love of the colors and designs, I decided to take costumes as my concentration in my major.

When people questioned me, “You’re a Theatre Major? Do you like to act?” When I answer no and explained that I am interested in the production. The next question would be, “Do you want to be a director?” No, no, not anymore. I am into stage managing and all of those good stuffs, but I am not focused in that. I tell them specifically about the interested of costuming and styling. For this concentration, there are skills I have to know. I have to learn how to sew. I’ve done sewing a few times because I try to tailor my long pants, but it never turned out to look professional. Instead, it looked really lame. I also need to understand specific of fabrics and tools, all the needs I need to understand. Speaking of which, I am thinking about becoming a Fashion minor. That way, I can further build onto my costume knowledge. That is the plan.

I am able to connect Theatre and Student Government together. It’s all of natural thing to do when I get into a group together and work things out. I get to associate with more people and can get closer. I am so proud of saying that I am a Theatre Major because I love how the entertainment can present stories and folktales into a production play that is artistic. Theatre is a form of art that expresses emotions through dialogues, music, dance, and simply just a playwright. I don’t care if Theatre does not make high incomes like other majors do. This field is all about understanding and appreciating the art.

Looking at me, of course, you wouldn’t expect my interest of being a Theatre Major and being a Fashion Minor. I mean, just look at my style. I do not match to be those types, but don’t judge anyone on the outside right? It’s just something I’ve been thinking and reflecting on myself. This is what I am looking forward to do. Even if I had no idea at the beginning as a new Theatre Major of what I was going to do, I know that I have made a choice that’s my own.Thanks to Theatre History 2 Lecture class, I was able to plot these out. I’m satisfied with my decision.

DJ Alexx is a dj at KSSU

Introducing DJ Mel

Reneactment of a dj

This is not Melanie Weaver, merely a reenactment of what Melanie Weaver would look like if she was pointing at a poster.

Hey everyone! I am Melanie Weaver, a junior at Sacramento State. This is my first semester at Sac State, and I am a liberal studies major and history minor. I decided to become a DJ for KSSU because I have had a passion for broadcasting since I was in sixth grade.  I had a friend who was co-hosting a show on a classic rock radio station that was located in Westwood, CA, and I was interested in being a guest DJ. I have been on the radio off and on since 2004.  Being a DJ is something that I have been interested in doing in my spare time because it’s fun. When I was a senior in high school, I was required to do a senior project. I had an idea in mind and that was to work for the community radio that was located in Quincy, CA. I had gone to the meetings that were required for the new DJ’s.  I was one of the youngest DJ’s that was part of the volunteer staff for the radio station. I am happy that I am a DJ for KSSU because I enjoy being on the radio and playing music for the listeners.

I host The Melster Mash every Wednesday from 5pm to 6pm on KSSU DOTCOM on the TuneIn radio app. The music I play on the show comes from music that I enjoy listening to. I am very happy that I have come this far and enjoy working for KSSU as part of the volunteer staff. It’s amazing and I like to do this during my spare time.

I hope you continue to listen to my show every Wednesday from 5pm to 6pm on KSSU DOTCOM. I am playing music from the 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s, 10’s, and today. Definitely worth listening to.

Thank you to the fans who have listened and the ones who will be listening. Keep it tuned to KSSU DOTCOM for awesome shows by our current DJ’s for KSSU.

Ray on the Radio

MicrophoneHello there KSSU listeners.  I am DJ Ray (although most of the time I omit “DJ”). Here I will answer the most common and basic questions in getting to know someone: what my major is, where I am from, why did I become a volunteer DJ here at KSSU.  I will also be letting you know a little about what my show is about.

First off, my major is Communication Studies with an emphasis in Digital Video. I am technically a senior, but I still have a few semesters left here at Sacramento State.  The reason for this is I underwent not only a major change, but a change in universities.  I stared college at UC Davis with an intended major in Aerospace Engineering.  As you can guess…that did not work out. Sacramento State wound up being an excellent fit for me instead and I wish I would have transferred sooner.

Whenever someone asks me where I am from, my usual response is just “Southern California.”  The reason for that is because I am from a REALLY small town in SoCal that most people have never heard of.  That is usually sufficient for those who do not know SoCal very well. For those that do, I am from Lucerne Valley, a small desert town between Big Bear and Barstow, close neighbors with Apple Valley and Victorville.

Growing up I rode both horses and quads, what I like to call “the best of both worlds.”  I grew up listening primarily to country and bluegrass, with maybe a little rock thrown in once in a while.  After moving 300 miles to attend college, I expanded my musical palette with blues, rock, and electronica/EDM.  There is something about the sonic magic that music creates that I really enjoy.

I have a few shows under my belt already.  My hour long show, Ray on the Radio, is every Wednesday at noon.  If you have tuned in during lunch, then there is a chance you may have heard me on air.  Hold on, so maybe you HAVE tuned into my show, but, you have noticed I only play rock. Why is that?

Rock, and all of its subgenres, has turned into the primary genre I listen to.  As I said, when I came to college I expanded my musical palette.  Country was just starting to “go pop” and I stopped listening so much.  I took a History of Blues course for units to make full time status and I REALLY enjoyed the course and started exploring from there, rock being a natural progression. The expressiveness of rock ended up defining me better at the time and I haven’t stopped since.  In my show I might play some blues, classic rock, metal, and everything in between.

After transferring to Sacramento State, I took an Audio Production course I found that I really enjoyed being in the studio.  Though being a radio personality/DJ is slightly different than producing, the environment is the same. I decided to give KSSU a shot and have no regrets in doing so. KSSU is awesome.

Next time you are in the union and it is around noon on a Wednesday, feel free to wave through the window!

Raymond is a dj with KSSU

Skylar Spence is Prom King with New Release

prom-king-560x560Right now, in 2015, the 80’s are in style in American popular music. But with a new release from Skylar Spence, the 70’s appear to be creeping in. Beginning as Saint Pepsi (changed because of obvious legal reasons) Ryan DeRobertis rocketed to the forefront of the chillwave and vaporwave scenes remixing disco. Now he has made the decision to bring his own voice into his music – literally. Prom King is a batch of tunes of DeRobertis’ original music featuring himself on vocals. The entire record is catchy, ultra danceable, and super accessible although – I hate to admit – too complex for the mainstream airwaves despite the success of the track “Fiona Coyne.”

Perhaps I consider the record accessible because it deals with themes related to being a young male in America trying to find his way: wooing a girl, falling in love, being cheated on, vanity, and so on. These themes seem trite and a little hackneyed, but Skylar Spence frames them in a different way that teases out the sensitive side of men in American culture. In “Can’t You See,” an explosive single, DeRobertis addresses vanity but as a cloak for anxiety, “I’m in love with my own reflection” he sings. Skip forwards a couple tracks and you’ll encounter “I Can’t be Your Superman” a very personal story of a tough relationship with a friend. In an interview with Billboard DeRobertis said, “Superman is a song about a friend who was living very dangerously for a while. Around the time I wrote the song, I realized I was kind of an enabler of this behavior by not acknowledging the problem, but things soured as soon as I opened my mouth about it. It’s not easy to help anyone who doesn’t see the problem themselves, and that’s where the song stems from.”

Not only does this record contain myriad complex emotions and feelings, but they are nested in music that complements them flawlessly. This is what made the greats great – their lyrical sense. Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald always considered the lyrics to shape the arc of the song, their phrasing, and dynamics. DeRobertis seems to pay close attention to the lyrics and as a result created extra layers and depth to the songs and not to mention this record grooves like HELL. No record dropped in a long time has inspired my body to move so much. It is a disco-pop wonderland that sets itself apart from other popular dance music because of its amplified musicality. Many tracks even harken back to his Saint Pepsi days with excellent instrumentals that include brassy horn stabs and brilliant string quartet colors especially “Bounce is Back.”

All nuance and complexity aside, Prom King is still excruciatingly fun and if you listen to it its guaranteed to end up on your gym playlist immediately as it did for me. All in all, Prom King is an excellent record and is definitely worth the purchase.

Side Note: Check out his other releases under the moniker Saint Pepsi. Hit Vibes is available for free on Bandcamp and is highly recommended.

Devan is a DJ with KSSU

The Greatest Misfits You Will Ever Meet

In the very deepest depths of the ocean, there are fish that live and die without ever seeing or sensing the sun. If they stray away from the ocean floor and swim towards the surface, they combust—perishing almost instantly. It is not the external pressure that destroys them, but its absences.

In life, stepping beyond comfort zones and personal limitations in a gradual way is a key component in living a life of purpose and fulfillment. That is why I’m a radio show host at KSSU. It is the essence of exploration and passion. It is what you make it.

KSSU is an opportunity. It’s a safe zone to test your own personal boundaries at the pace you determine. Whether it’s challenging yourself by starting a new weekly segment or reaching out to local bands for a live interview, the opportunities are endless. It’s the one place where failure ceases to exist.

To many people, college radio means very little, and to few people, college radio means freedom. Those who haven’t experienced it can’t see what’s below the surface.

So let’s talk about it. What’s the deal with college radio?

For starters, college radio is a direct link to community engagement. Not only does KSSU feed the airways with campus PSA’s, but it is a bridge for community partners to reach our students as well. Nearby events, public information, or even some hardy food for thought from off-campus entities would no longer have a home if there wasn’t a college station to be the voice. Local bands gain a decent amount of traction with college students simply because students turn to college radio to hear something different, something they haven’t heard yet. It’s a lose lose without our stations.

2015-02-23 10.26.22This day in age, many students don’t have access to college radio. They don’t think about it, it’s not important to them. Where else are you going to hear all these innovative tracks and up and coming artists? The mainstream stations? Probably not. You’ll hear the same recycled tracks on any given station and think, “Why should I bother with radio especially when I have my ipod or Pandora? Why should I listen to someone else choose what I listen to if I already know what I like?” Those stations play McDonald’s music. It’s produced to taste good, or in this case, sound good even though it’s full of unnatural fillers with no redeeming qualities, but college radio is different. You hear local talent. If you just listen to Spotify and Pandora you’ll hear well known artists, but you won’t hear from the 200+ artists that are stacked on our walls or that are driving up and down our local streets. You won’t even know what you’ll be missing out on, therefore, our station exposes artists to an audience they don’t have access to. This is what makes college radio authentic and personal.

Also, college radio is, in itself, a home. For the students that don’t identify with one specific club or are interested in something unique and different, KSSU is where they can express all of their interests. Sure there are organizations that I am involved with on campus other than our student run radio, but there’s no place else that is truly comparable. I’m able to be completely and utterly myself when I’m running in and out of the station. Sometimes I feel as though I don’t belong anywhere else simply because that’s the only place I can be whoever I want to be, and I’m sure the other volunteer DJ’s can agree to some level. Whether we’re playing Smash Bros. or Magic the Gathering or even discussing different music selections, we are engaging in something you won’t always find in one place or with anyone else. We’re all a bunch of misfits really, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

College radio is so ridiculously important. I could write a novel about it (believe me). It challenges one to go outside of their comfort zone and into a realm of misfit toys. College radio is a beautiful thing.KSSULove

Mia is a DJ with KSSU listen to her once a week on the Mighty Mia Power Hour

Beautiful Noise, Exquisite Tastes, and Creative Minds: The Complete TBD Fest 2015 Experience

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

This past weekend TBD Fest has left a mark of music, art, design, food, and ideas in the city of Sacramento. The festival drew in thousands of diverse people, locals and visitors alike, to experience the unique Sacramento festival that is TBD.

To start off, this weekend was incredible. Everything from the acts to the food was something to look back on. The lineup fit the flow of the weekend; starting Friday off with bang, reaching a pinnacle of epicness on Saturday, and concluding with a sure sense of satisfaction on Sunday       (sorry for the tongue twister).


Festival Grounds

A vital part of any festival is to get a feel of where you will be for the next few days. The first thing to do is find a schedule and a map. They weren’t readily available, but the customer service tent had no problem handing out printed schedules (nothing too fancy, just a print out). Since there was no map, the only option was to explore the grounds.


Having fun with the displays!

The grounds weren’t too vast and the layout was simple: a main stage on opposing sides with smaller stages near them. In between there was the “Rise + Create” space. A vendor village, complete with local vendors selling food, drinks, art, and clothing. All the food and drink being carefully crafted, the clothes being hand-made or hand-pressed, and beautiful pieces of art being created. This section of the festival truly shows the creative and tasteful minds of Sacramento. Near and around the “Rise + Create” space there were some awesome displays. Changing pillars of light, painted pyramids, murals, and the great display by PORTAL SAC. the perimeters of the grounds had the bars and food trucks. The festival even had it’s own giant ferris wheel (which all the proceeds from went to helping those recently affected by the California wildfires). There was a lot to see and do at TBD Fest besides watch the musical acts.


Demolicious Derby

If none of the musical acts were catching your attention or it was just too hot for you to be standing outside, then the “Demolicious Derby” was the place to go! It took place under a shaded tent with a nice patch of grass (I’m assuming so none of the dirt or dust flies into your food). It’s a cook off between two Sacramento chefs of the fine dining scene. They both have to use a certain ingredient. They also have to cook and serve out of a food truck. The food was completely free and completely delicious.

While waiting for the food, festival goers could watch the cooking from a live video feed screened on a large screen outside. The visuals and smells would make the audience even more hungry. Some moves such as adding the spice would make the audience “ooo” and “ahh.” A comedic MC would be hosting the event so it’s not just two dudes cooking food. Attendees would have to partake in both dishes and place their used forks in their respective choices. Both competitors were always good and humble chefs.

A little example of a cook off: both chefs had to use lamb. One made street tacos, but instead of a tortilla, he a used flattened and fried pork bun. The other made a greek style lamb poutine. Drooling yet? We were.


The Music

As mentioned  earlier, each day had a lineup that made a great flow for the weekend. Little disclaimer: I’m not really a big fan of EDM, so I didn’t catch much of the DJ sets.  

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Toro Y Moi

Friday was explosive. The first artist was the band, Cathedrals. With their chill, new wave sound, and heavy bass, Cathedrals gave the crowd something great to vibe to. Then I was able to catch Towkio, Chicago based rapper associated with Save Money and Vic Mensa. Even though the crowd didn’t know the words, Towkio and his DJ were able to pump up the crowd. Head back to the main stage and you would be able to catch the dreamy set of Toro Y Moi. This was one of the artists I was looking forward to watching the most, and they did not disappoint. Playing a good blend of the newest album, What

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Tyler, The Creator

for?, and their older stuff, the set was great. Ty Dolla $ign got the entire crowd dancing or jumping to his songs. The best part of his set was when he pulled out a bass and started groovin out (I didn’t know he could even play instruments). He was even able to stage dive into the crowd during the end of his set. The only EDM set I caught on Friday was some of was RL Grime’s. Playing a heavy trap set for the festival, he had everyone moving. The craziest crowd goes to the set of Sacramento native, Death Grips. The experimental industrial noise rap group made the biggest mosh pit of the weekend, bringing the first big dust cloud into the air. Being in the mosh, I breathed in a little too much dirt. The night ended with Tyler the Creator bringing  energy to the stage. Although he couldn’t bring the visuals he wanted, the set was still crazy. The crowd moshed, jumped, and sang along to the words. It wouldn’t be a Tyler the Creator set without his comedic side comments. The day really set the mood for the rest of the weekend.


Chance the Rapper

Saturday was big. With the longest day of TBD Fest, there was a lot to do. Although the day was spent mostly walking around the grounds, eating, and hanging out, all the musical acts were great. Dark pop duo, ASTR, started the day off for me. They gave an electrifying performance with some heavy bass hits, melodic scales and licks, and some crazy dance moves. I even had the pleasure of interviewing them backstage (interview coming soon, really cool people). Joywave, an electronic indie band, drew one of the larger crowds for the small stages. Before playing, they took time to perfect their sound and it was worth it. The crowd was very responsive with each song and it was awesome to be apart of. Ratatat was one of my favorites for the weekend. The electric guitar duo had holograms and lasers, putting on one of the best visuals for the weekend. Porter Robinson had some nice visuals as well. Although I couldn’t really vibe to the music, he still put on a good show equipped with anime graphics and massive confetti shots. The crowd loved it. I was able to catch the tail end of Magic Man’s set on the opposing small stage. Although there weren’t that many people watching the set, they still gave it their all and ended with their hit, Paris. Chance the Rapper was the main act I was looking forward to for the whole weekend. The set was amazing. He came with his full band, Donnie Trumpet and The Social Experiment, which made for a much fuller sound. The visuals weren’t top notch, but it didn’t matter because the music and energy put out from the performance was, to me, the best for this weekend. Sing alongs, jumping around, crowd participation, amazing trumpet solos, it had it all. Even though he admit to go out of order of their intended set due to excitement (Chance would become a father two days later) they still made it the best. Saturday had something big for fans of all different music genres.

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Tears For Fears

Sunday was a great way for the weekend to wind down. Up and coming rap/r&b artist (who recently made a song with Kanye West) Post Malone put on a good five song set to start off our day. Although he has blown up due to the success of his hit song, White Iverson, Post Malone still kept it humble, and kept it entertaining. He even performed White Iverson again for his closer, having the crowd sing the entire last verse to closer. After, we were walking and on the nearby small stage, this band O began to play. They were able to keep us and the others for their whole set. They’re an indie band from San Francisco, do check them out. I was sad to have missed Dr. Dog and A Place to Bury Strangers due to attending a Demolicious Derby, but I heard the sets were amazing. Right when we got to A Place to Bury Strangers, the lead singer had just smashed his guitar to end his set. Sad to have missed that, but it was on to the 90’s alt rock band, Dinosaur Jr.! Although they are getting old, they can still play flawlessly. With great

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


tunes and heart reaching solos, Dinosaur Jr. had a high-caliber set. After, Black Lips took the smaller stage. This goofy garage rock outfit from Georgia had a really fun set. After some jokes and moshing ensued, it was time for the OG (an older act, usually more famous in the 80’s)  headliner (every festival has to have one amiright?), Tears for Fears! Watching their set was like jumping back into the past, a time where most of the people attending TBD were either not alive or too young to go to a concert. Of course, the crowd sang along to classic hits such as Everybody Wants to Rule the World and their closer, Shout. They even surprised the audience with a slower yet full version of Creep by Radiohead. Madeon electrified the crowd as the last EDM performance of the weekend. I had to jump around a few times for that performance. I wasn’t able to stay, but I heard and read that crowd favorite Chromeo properly wrapped up TBD Fest with their funky tunes.


Closing Remarks

2015-09-22 04.01.12Overall, TBD Fest is a must-go for anyone in Sacramento, the surrounding Northern California area, or anyone in the world that wants to have a good time. Although not as big as famous festivals such as Cochella, TBD Fest is able to provide some of the top acts in music today in a comfortable yet enthralling environment. Everyone from the acts to the volunteers to the workers to the security to everyone else helped make this weekend what it was. It wasn’t just  about the music, but about the local artistic minds and tastemakers coming together to bring entertainment to Sacramento. It’s exactly what this city needs, a positive driving force in today’s creative culture.



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New Semester, New Person?

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Not Angie, an actor portraying her in a Dramatization.

We are rolling on into our 4th week in this brand spanking new semester. By now we have adjusted to our new schedules, found a club we want to join and hopefully made some new friends that don’t make us want to hurl.

So far I would say that this is a great start to this new fall season that we are entering in to. But isn’t it exhausting to keep having things change? Sure it could be a new semester with new people but are you the same person who you were before last semester? That is a hard question to ask yourself, so I will start off by telling you who I think I am. My name is Angie Kagianas and I am currently a senior (hopefully) here at the beautiful Sac State. I hail from a place called Chicago, Illinois (please do not pronounce the S at the end. We hate that) and grew up there for a grand total of 21 years.

My life consists of family, work, school, family and friends. I had to throw family in there twice since the majority of my time is spent talking to them or talking about them. I am new to KSSU and have loved every minute of it so far and am eager to be putting out some groovy beats through the airwaves in a couple of days.

Hobbies include watching as many movies as I can get my hands on (most of the time its Harry Potter), I fish, ski and love to read. My main attribute that contributes to the totally-awesome- cool person I am would have to be my modesty. Nah, I am just kidding. Although I like to think I am a totally-awesome-cool person I am mostly just an awkward person who throws positivity around like its confetti. When I talk 9o% of it is made up of movie quotes that have embedded themselves in my brain. What is the other 10% you may ask. Well that’s mostly composed of me laughing and then throw in some useless fun facts and a couple of jokes and you have my common day vernacular. So there you go , I am an awkward 22 year old that enjoys watching movies, hanging out with my family, quoting movies and just being my normal weird self. Have I always been this way though? I like to think that I have grown more and experienced more but I haven’t.

In my life I have just learned to adjust to new responsibilities that have forced their way into my life. That is what I believe changes us the most, I know that’s what changed me. New responsibilities that forced me to adapt to a new environment and break through my comfort zone. Unfortunately, this Angie that I described is different from the last semester Angie but fortunately she has the same attitude. Even though change is inevitable and it can be rough sometimes I think we need to see where it takes us and who we become out of it. The attitude you have towards your new responsibilities is what keeps you afloat. And sure change is exhausting but its never going to stop no matter how hard you try.

So may I part you all with this little tid-bit, Life is tough, wear a helmet.

Angie is a DJ with KSSU

DJ Name Pending – Who is this guy?

Hello world, my name is Derek Yorton and I am the one, the only, DJ Name Pending. For the first episode of my show Why Not. I will let everyone know how I came up with my DJ and show name plus much, much more. First, I’m going to first let you get to know the man behind the voice, then get to know the show I will air for you all.

I am a transfer student from Shasta College up in Redding, Ca. I spent two years thinking I was going to be a Music major only to switch to Digital Video Communication Studies and spend another year and a half getting all the prerequisites and my lower-division general education out of the way. Back at home, I have my three year-old daughter, Natalie Rose, who is living with my folks while I’m here at the University. I travel up to Redding at least twice a month if not more in order to see her and Skype with her frequently. I have a busy school life with 16 units under my belt, responsibilities with my daughter and with KSSU, I am also looking forward to rushing with a Fraternity. baby

Even that doesn’t really describe who I am, who I really am. Growing up in Redding, there is nothing to do. You either are at the mall with friends, at the pool hall with friends, or out in the wilderness somewhere camping or muddin’. I didn’t do too much of the latter, I don’t have an obsession with Ford or putting 32’s on it. What I do have an obsession for is both nerdy and cool, information. I am always on my phone or on the computer but not always for Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. I love reading into new world, national, and local news stories, looking up things that I don’t know, and writing down ideas for a later point in time. I also have a thing for playing video games, not WoW or DOTA or even League of Legends, but console games like the Batman Arkham series, Bioshock, Elder Scrolls, and my personal favorite the Borderland series. I say favorite because I have a tattoo that references the game pretty hardcore, ask me about it sometimes.

Now that you know a little bit more about me, let’s move on to the show. The show’s name is Why Not and well, I’m going to play anything I want, when I want, and how I want (within reason) because, well, why not. Since I went to college for two years intending to be a music major I have a huge range of music tastes from Electronica to Indie, Metal to Pop, Hard Rock to Classical, and yes even some country. I enjoy supporting the local music scene as much as possible so I am going to be going to local shows and talking about my experience there, I might even have a couple of guest stars. I will be to every single Nooner here on campus until I graduate, you can count on that. I might also be talking a little bit about politics and world news because, well, that’s what I’m into. I don’t know what time my show will be yet, but I’m going to shoot for Thursday’s between 9 a.m. and noon.

Thank you all for reading and sticking with us all here at KSSU, I’ll catch you on the flip side.


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