Everyone Has a Story to Share

You have a story to share. Have you ever realized that? Every one of us can teach, heal, and inspire someone else. You have the power to connect with others using your experiences. There is not a right and a wrong way to share your story. However, it’s important to include the good and bad times. This allows others to rest knowing things will get better. 

For me, my story is much more than just a chronological biography and yours may be too. I share my testimony. It’s the story of how I came to know Christ. Ultimately, this story has shaped and molded me into the woman I am today. 

Most people have the assumption, I grew up in a “perfect” Christian family, but that was far from the truth. I did not grow up with parents who believed in God. It wasn’t until I met a girl named Monique when I had any concept of faith. Her parents bought me the first Bible I ever received. My friend Monique, eventually moved. I started to get bullied non-stop throughout elementary and middle school. I was jumped at the end of 7th grade that prompted my family to move to Calaveras County. 

I was invited to go to a church camp called Radical Reality. We raised money, and I was able to go. I left with my parents fighting – contemplating divorce. I had no idea what home would be like when the camp was over.

During the church camp, I came face-to-face with the girl who jumped me. I learned the power of forgiveness and the love God has for me. I prayed that I could be a light in my family. When I went home, I told my parents about Jesus and the good news. They promised to go to church the next Sunday, and they did. My parents are still married to this day. 

This is a small part of my story. I’m currently working on a book that will be compiled with stories of God’s faithfulness in my life. I plan to release the book in 2020.  

There are many reasons why people should share their story or testimony.

1. It’s your legacy

Your story is your legacy. If you share your story – people will know what your life was like. I once interviewed a man named Lance on Shasta’s Journey, a faith-based television program. He was battling cancer and asked to share his story. He passed away a few weeks after. To this day, people still talk about the life he lived. Lance’s story continues to impact others. 

2. Inspire others 

Each of us goes through different things. Lance’s story can inspire people who may be battling cancer or have seen others suffer from it. Whereas, my story may connect with people who are being bullied, or have someone in their lives who don’t believe. You have been through things to inspire people who I may never be able to inspire. Not to mention, you meet people who I may never come in contact with. Isn’t it amazing? You have the power to inspire others. You can use your words for you. You can use your pain to give hope.

3.Gives perspective

Sharing your story gives you perspective on how far you’ve come. I’m always in shock with all the good things that have come from the bad. I wouldn’t have realized this, if I didn’t think about my story, or share it. 

The first step to sharing your story is realizing you have one. The second step is to think about what your life has consisted of and how you can relate to others. The third step is to realize the impact it can have and share your story!

Shasta Garcia is the founder of Shasta’s Journey. Contact Shasta at shastasjourney@gmail.com.

3 Ways Dreamers Can Become Doers

Want to see your dreams become a reality? Keep reading. I’ve always been a dreamer. I would daydream in classes that I was accepting an award for a television show, or that I was getting interviewed by Ellen. I didn’t realize until recently that being a dreamer isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I just needed to figure out a way to become a doer. Over the years, I have learned to take big dreams, make a plan, and put it into action. I will share my three secrets to become a doer. 

1. Take big dreams and think smaller 

You read that right. It’s time to make your big dreams and make them smaller. This does not mean to stop dreaming big! All you need to do is think about a plan with smaller steps to achieve the bigger plan. For instance, if you want to save $1,000 in a year – you need to save around $20 a week. Look how easy that was! If you think smaller, big dreams don’t look that big anymore. Here’s another example, if you want to hit 10K on Instagram – start by reaching 1,000 first. Then, go from there. *NOTE: The most important thing about this tip is to make sure you can reach the smaller goals. If you don’t give yourself attainable goals  – you will give up faster! Whenever you hit a smaller goal, you will feel more inspired to keep going! Trust me. Recently, my parents tried dieting and exercising and started to lose weight. As soon as they saw the weight change on the scale  – it inspired them to keep going. They have both lost over 40 pounds and I couldn’t be more proud. 

2. Do research, then make a plan

I dread the word research, but I promise it isn’t as bad as it sounds. When I wanted to become a TV host at age 13-years-old, I started to do research on Oprah. I was pleasantly surprised to see she started in radio and has a very humble background. This was really refreshing to me. Hard work does payoff! It’s not just a phrase. Everyone reached their goals somehow. You may not reach your goals the same way, but it’s inspiring to see that it’s possible! No dream is too big. Don’t let anyone ever tell you that. Just make a plan to implement. If you need your degree  – finish it! If you need money – save it! If you need time – make time for it. Anything is possible, the sky isn’t the limit (you are). Only you can set a limit on your dreams and the future outcome. 

3.  Work hard, and do it for yourself 

You know how I said, I have been dreaming to become a national TV host? Well, I did become a local TV host in Calaveras County when I was 13, but on a small scale. I’ve been working non-stop for the last 7 years hoping my big dream will happen. I know, eventually it will  – if I keep pushing forward. Dreams don’t happen overnight, or at random, unless you are the yodeling kid at Walmart. If you aren’t familiar with the story, he yodeled at Walmart and became famous. I wish it happened like that for everyone, but that’s why I’m sharing these 3 secrets to become a doer. 

Not to mention, some people will not believe in you. They will think you are crazy. You need to always remember why you are pursuing a dream. For me, I want to become a national television host to have a platform for people to share stories of God’s faithfulness. That’s why I continue to work harder and harder each day to make that happen. I have small goals for my bigger dreams. 

Your dreams will become reality when you least expect it. Keep dreaming big, but think small to make it attainable. Also, you need to get some inspiration by doing research to make a plan. Lastly, it’s going to take hard work. Don’t forget why your dreams matter.

In case nobody has told you this  – you got this! 

49ers Narrowly Escape Defeat

It wasn’t pretty, hell just tell it as it was, an ugly, ugly win. The 49ers had five turnovers with four of them coming in the first five possessions. Of the the four, two of the interceptions were tipped throws with one being an ill-advised throw. With so many turnovers on there own side of the field, the Steelers must have capitalized right? Wrong. If having Le’veon Bell and Antonio Brown jumping ship weren’t enough, Big Ben Roethlisberger was put on season ending IR with an elbow injury last week.

The Steelers offense played as good as you’d expect without their seventeen year veteran leader, poor to mediocre,  with there being a couple shining moments during the afternoon. Mason Rudolph had a rough first start accumulating a whopping 18.7 QBR. There first three possessions combined for just twenty-six yards of offense, but came away with six points due their starting field position because of the 49ers mishaps on offense. Juju Smith-Shuster had a short slant that turned into a seventy-six touchdown. Jason Verrett had a pair of poor defensive plays for the Niners defense, that led to Diontae Johnson streaking for a thirty-nine yard touchdown.

Other than those few instances, the Niners looked very stout on defense holding running back James Conner to forty-three rushing yards on thirteen attempts. With the additions of Nick Bosa, Dee Ford, and Kwon Alexander all to the front seven, this run defense has become one of the best so far in 2019. Seventy-five rushing yards allowed per game thus far, puts the niners seventh best overall this season. Another bright spot this season that shined on Sunday was counted domincace of the 49ers run game. They rushed for 168 yards averaging just over 4.2 yards per carry. The Niners defense came up with a enormous fourth quarter fumble in Steeler territory which led to a game winning catch from quarter back Jimmy Garropolo to a receiver that we all expected, Dante Pettis? After Pettis’s exile in the first two games, not many expected to do much in this game but he came up with a huge game winning catch with just 1:15 left on the clock to seal the 49ers third victory of the season. 

Going into the bye week, the Niners need to tighten up and put an emphasis on not turning the ball over. They are tied for the most turnovers committed this season. They have also committed twenty five penalties racking up 233 yards in just three games which will not hold up against teams like the Rams and the Packers later on this season. Most of these penalties have been ticky tacky holding calls, that can be easily be corrected. Some of these penalties have cost the 49ers important points whether it be from called back touchdowns or given the opposing teams extra field position. A good productive bye week will set them up nicely against a struggling Cleveland Browns team that just came off an ugly loss to the Los Angeles Rams. 

5 Tips to Reduce Stress as a College Student

College students deal with stress daily. I know because I’m a college student myself. We are constantly being bombarded with assignments, exams, and questions about our future. It can often make our college experience more difficult than it needs to be. That’s why I wanted to share 5 tips to reduce stress. These tips have helped me recognize what’s important and I hope these help you manage your college schedule and enjoy your time at Sac State.

1. Use a planner 

This may seem like a silly tip, but a planner can seriously make a difference in your stress level. Now, this doesn’t have to be a paper planner – even though I find it satisfying to cross off things I’ve done. I bought mine at Ross for only $2.99! Beat that. But, if you prefer something on your phone – there are plenty of apps you can download. Both methods with help keep your homework and exam deadlines organized. I find that a planner makes the craziness of the college workload manageable.

I suggest getting on the planner train at the start of the semester (ideally!) At the start of each semester, I usually read through each syllabus and write down all of the important dates. Right away this gives me an idea of what’s expected. Not to mention, this will also help you stay away from procrastinating because you have no excuse. You will know what needs to be done and when it is due.

Get yourself a planner!

2. Stop saying “What if…”

The two words “what if” are at the root of my anxiety about 98% of the time. No joke. What if I fail this exam? What if I’m late for class? What if I can’t find parking? What if I don’t have enough money my tuition next semester? What if I don’t make any friends? Ok. You get the point.

What if can create worry and leave you with crippling anxiety. I never realized how pointless it was to worry about something that hasn’t happened until it didn’t. I worried about failing my exam and kept saying what if, but I got an A. I could have saved myself stress if I just stopped saying what if.

Let’s face it…what if doesn’t help. So, stop saying it! You’ll thank me later.

Take time for yourself 

This tip can be hard to implement. I get it, you have so many other things to do! After you complete something on your to-do list – take a break. You will recharge, feel happier, and will be motivated to get work done. I usually try to set aside 15 to 30 mins between tasks. During that time, I do something completely unrelated to work or school. For instance, I pray, workout, or even play a board game with my little sisters. I have never regretted taking a few moments for myself.

If you don’t take time for yourself – you will be overwhelmed and ultimately S-T-R-E-S-S-E-D.

Set aside 15 minutes today.

4. Surround yourself with like-minded people 

We all want to be understood. Some people don’t understand the stress that college students endure. That’s why it’s so important to surround yourself with like-minded people. Making friends with other college students is the first step. You can vent to them and they will most likely understand. The second step is to find people who live their life similar to yours. For instance, if you’re an athlete – only another athlete will know how much time that takes up! You can study together between practices. If you are a Christian, you can meet other Christians on campus. You can pray and even read the Bible together. Go meet other people and join a club! 

You never know until you try.

***This tip will enhance your college experience! I promise. It’s hard to endure the college journey – alone.

5. Make it fun!  

You may be thinking to yourself….how do I make college fun? Well, there are many ways.

First, you don’t have to do homework in silent. I usually blast worship music, drink coffee, and even sit with a facial mask on sometimes. I’ve even done my homework at Round Table with friends during the buffet hour – unlimited pizza and salad. Did I mention? There’s also Wi-Fi! Change up your study area.

Secondly, you don’t just have to commute back and forth or go back straight to your dorm. You can get involved on campus. Sac State always has events with food and activities. This will give you positive memories to look back on.

Time flies. Before you know it – you will be walking across the graduation stage about to accept your diploma. Your hard work will pay off! Don’t give up.

Remember…buy yourself a planner, stop saying “what if”, make time for yourself, hang out with people who get you, and have fun!

Treat School like Marvel (5 Steps)

As I sit here and watch “Deadpool 2,” (the latest Marvel film out on Blu Ray) two things come into my mind: 1. God I hope that Ryan Reynolds plays Deadpool forever, and 2. With 20 films currently flying under the Marvel Films Banner, how do they keep audiences interested? As I traversed through the film titles of new and past Marvel movies a-like, thoughts of personal long-term goals arose in my own Cinematic Universe, called “School Life,” (With more sequels then I would like to admit). Here’s my 5 Step Guide on how to make your schooling as successful as a Marvel Movie.

Step 1: You Are Not Alone (Find Help)

Now before some readers mention it, yes I know Deadpool isn’t “officially” part of the Marvel Universe but it is considered in-partnership with Marvel… And that is the FIRST step (Ahhh, see what I did there?) School can be long and hard like Thor’s new battle-axe. So the first step is to realize that you’re not in this fight alone. There are several programs and tutors at your local Stark Tower… I mean college. If you are attending Community College (in California), your tuition you pay for actually covers FREE COUNSELING through your Counseling office at your Community College.

Step 2: Plan for Multiple Villains (Come Prepared)

By Villains, I obviously mean the person who raises their hand in the middle of class to announce that they will be taking over the world. Side Note: If you are a student who wishes to do as such, please refer to Step 1 where I go over seeking counseling. By Villains, I mean challenges that will arrive from the endless waves of Homework, Quizzes, and Tests. I highly suggest using a website called ratemyprofessor.com which allows students to rate their teachers by their effectiveness. Now I know I might get some flak for suggesting this website but the real value in this outlet is that it lifts the veil of what potential course work will be. We as students are either borrowing or paying out-of-pocket thousands of dollars and investing it into strangers hoping that we will be fairly judged, graded, and given equal attention. This is all done with the hopes that we will secure a brighter future for ourselves which will effect the next 60-70 years of our lives (unless you are me because I intend on living forever). Why wouldn’t we wish to arm ourselves with the knowledge of the best opportunity?

Step 3: You have to be Accepted into the Avengers (Teacher’s Good side)

Right out of high-school I spent 5 years as a Teacher’s Aide and gained insight on some of the highest level of insider details about the illusive specimen known as Teachers, and here is the big secret: THEY ARE HUMAN (Que the dramatic gopher). Yes, Teachers are indeed humans with feelings, needs, wants, likes, dislikes, and biases. It is not a guarantee but typically a person will cut more slack for someone they like (it’s human nature). Once I found out that (theoretically speaking of course) if two students turn in identical work with identical effort but the teacher likes one student and dislikes the other student, they could potentially get two separate grades… I turned into Captain America 2.0 faster than you can say “We Have a Hulk.”

Step 4: Even the Odds (Use Statistics to your Advantage)

Statistically speaking, the students who sit in the front row benefit with having a higher level of attendance and grade point averages. So a quick cheat would be to sit in the front row.

Step 5: Act like an Avenger (Fake it ‘Til You Make it)

In Captain America: The First Avenger, Steve Rogers a.k.a. Captain America is picked on, ridiculed, and rejected from following his passion. His goal was to join in the fight against the Nazi’s and serve his country. This was all before he was officially Captain America, so he had no super powers at his disposal. While out on a training course, he was running drills with other military personnel and a fake grenade is thrown in between all of them. Without hesitation, Rogers sacrifices himself by throwing himself on the dummy grenade, thus attempting to save the same group of people who had been mocking and bullying him merely scenes before. Courage and strength in school doesn’t come from being good at school. Most 4.0(+) students will tell you that they had to put in the time and effort to have it reflect on their grades. If you wish to be a Hero, you must act like one… if you wish to be a good student, you must act like one. No Matter what guidelines we may receive or Iron suits we may build, if we don’t go into them like heroes, we’ll stop short of being genius billionaire playboy philanthropists… And no one wants that.

My Mother is My Best Friend…Sometimes

UntitledI’m not a very sappy type of person. Not to my friends, not to my boyfriend of three years; Nobody. I think the only one I give any type of affection to is my dog, my boyfriend’s dogs, and my friend’s dog. Dogs are love, dogs are life.

Anyways, on my way home from school-my day goes from 7 AM to 6 PM every day- I stopped at Target to get a few things for myself. A gallon of sweet tea, a 4-pack of Starbucks chilled coffee, and a good-looking Hershey’s chocolate bar.

I can already feel your judgment from how much sugar I eat, and all I have to say is, “Treat yourself!”

After grabbing my items and getting back into my car, I came to the realization that I hadn’t called my mother in a few days. I like to keep in touch with her because, like most of us college students living on our own, I enjoy getting to know how to do this whole “adulting” thing. But I also realized that I don’t tell her how often I appreciate everything she does for me, and how much I love her.

So, I called her on her cell phone and asked how she was doing. She replied with the casual, “I’m fine” before I proceeded.

“I just wanted to call and tell you how much I love you, and I appreciate everything you do for me even though I don’t say it all too often.”

I thought we were having a sweet, mother-daughter moment.

Again, I’m not a sappy person.

My mother paused for a moment and asked, “What did you do?” as if I was about to confess to a crime I committed.

“Nothing! I just wanted to let you know that-”

“-Hold that thought. I’m gonna go get a glass of water.”

Mom! Really? I’m trying to be sentimental here, and you just ruined the moment! She cut me off as I was trying to express my appreciation. Mind you, I’m still in the Target parking lot, having a full-blown conversation with my mother about how she ruined the moment.

She thought it was funny, though, and I honestly thought it was, too. My mother has always been a little skeptical about the things I choose to do, but at least I know she has my back when something goes down. She knows I think of things without actually sitting on the topic and processing them, but she is definitely my biggest fan and number one supporter.

We continued our conversation as I drove home and had a nice, 40-minute-long chat about current events that have happened in the family and what I plan to do after school. She started telling me how a State job is good pay, and of course I said, “Oh! Money I can spend on cosplay, food, and video games. Cool!”

I could almost feel her give me that “mom look” through the phone. Terrifying. Pursed lips, risen brow, and that stare that sends shivers through your soul. It’s almost impossible to look her in the eye. You know what I mean!

I wish I had more time in my day to talk to my mother. She knows how busy I get during the weeks when softball and schoolwork dominate my life, and the little hour of time I have before she goes to bed is the only time I can sit down and chat.

Either way, any moment I can talk to my mom is never dull. It’s my time of relaxation and laughter when I’m stressed, and a way to pass the time if I need to rant.

Mom is always there, and I really do love and appreciate her for that.

Introduction-How to Adult Series

imagesWe live in the age of instant gratification, short attention spans, and even shorter sighted goals. The myriad of distractions available have such a hold on our generation—mind you, I am no exception— they can and often do usurp from our minds all things uninteresting and dull. What motivation do we have to spend any amount of thought on the practical when the time could be passed scrolling through social media while watching Netflix and simultaneously Facetiming our S.O.? It is human nature to take the path of least resistance, and we see this played out most dramatically in the lives of us young adults.  The problem is a snow-balling self-fulfilling prophecy; as college students we are aware it is happening, we understand that each moment willingly spend on the readily available distractions does nothing to improve the quality of self, yet we do not resist. That new cat video on YouTube is still more interesting after 30 views than some article about the election, or the pile of homework that never seems to go away, right? Arguably the most depressing part of that idea is not that we are such terrible people who don’t find academics and learning interesting, it is that no one creating curriculum tries very hard to make it interesting—or even relevant half the time.
As a collective, college students are stuck on a cycle of ‘memorize, regurgitate, forget’ and are unwittingly perpetuating the assignment of tasks that can be depressingly menial, all in order to beget knowledge that often times is never interesting enough to file past short-term memory. It is my hope though, that knowledge and learning that has a practical application to life will have ability to hold our interest in a way that a teacher telling us something is relevant does not.
All that being said, I am going to endeavor to do something here that should have begun in grade school. In a series of Blogs I will attempt to share important life skills—knowledge that will actually benefit the life of a college student, or anyone—in a brief and hopefully interesting way. It is my hope that these short, beneficial lessons on ‘How to Adult’ will be able to contend with those ubiquitous distractions and impact in a meaningful way.
Join me here on the KSSU Blog for our first instalment next week: ‘How to Adult: Establishing a Credit Score’ which will be a precursor to our second article ‘How to Adult: Improving a Credit Score’.

Love Life


Hello there, everyone!

I think we can all agree that life gets hectic at times. Juggling jobs, school, recreation, studying and maybe even a little sleep here and there can seem like an impossible task. When this happens it is easy to get frustrated and discouraged, but you can do it! Balance is possible and don’t take any of your opportunities for granted.

Personally, I find it hard to evenly balance my responsibilities and my desires. I either binge watch Gossip Girl on Netflix and neglect my responsibilities; or I spend copious amounts of time on daily tasks then get frustrated when I don’t have the time to do other activities.

Trying to break the procrastinator cycle can be difficult for many. And from the attendance in the library during the semester, I think everyone falls under the first (bing-watching) category for the first 14 weeks and spends the 15th week in overdrive trying to cram information into the nooks and crannies of their brain. Then comes the sleep deprivation then the stress then the frustration, but it doesn’t need to be that way! I recently found myself in the same rut, but after taking a step back I realized that there is so much I could do to turn that around. Instead of blaming the world around me, I could change my habits and my attitude to live a happier and healthier life. So here are the steps I took to turn things around…

  1. Take inventory of what is going on around you

    The first step to solving the problem is figuring out what the problem is in the first place. Too much sleep? Not enough sleep? Feeling overwhelmed? Procrastinating?Once you’ve identified your problem write them down. Look at what it is that is stressing you out. Then see how much of it can be prevented and think of how you can turn that around.

  2. Appreciate what you have

    This past week I found myself dreading working out and I found inspiration in the most unlikely places, Facebook. I was scrolling through my feed and saw a member of a workout program I instruct for post a picture. It read ” Be thankful for what you have. You have no idea how many people would love to have what you’ve got.” And that really struck me. I am a young, healthy individual. I’ve got two arms, two legs, ten fingers, ten toes and am able to workout. That’s more than some have. I am able to go to an awesome college and graduate in three years. The more I thought about it, the longer the list became. There are over 7 billion people in the world; and I’m glad to be me.

  3. Plan your days out

    If time management is what your troubles boil down to, then make a list. I keep a planner with me at all times! Put everything in there and you will thank yourselves later! That’s right: birthdays, work schedules, school schedule, homework assignments, finals, deadlines, all of it!

  4. Stick to your plans

    It’s a little counterproductive if you spend all this time writting in a calendar and then leave it at home or never open it again. If it helps, write specific tasks to complete each day and cross them out as you go. Your phone is a helpful tool for this as well. If you’ve got an iPhone, take advantage of the calendar and reminder applications; it’s what it is meant for! This helps you feel accomplished at the end of the day and relieves any anxiety about forgetting something.

  5. Do at least one thing you enjoy each day

    It can be as simple as going on a walk or reading, but do something that is strictly for you! Dedicate 30 minutes to an hour to yourself. Treat yo self. If you find yourself with more free time then amp it up by going out with friends!

  6. Smile more and worry less

    You are an amazing person and don’t forget it. Be the best possible version of yourself in all aspects of life.Find that happy balance between work and pleasure and enjoy life. College students spend so much time stressed out that we often lose sight of the fact that these are supposed to be our fun years. While it is important to take school seriously, your mental and physical health need to be in tip top shape as well.  I’ll leave you with this last tid-bit. As Dr. Seuss once wrote:

Today you are you! That is truer than true!

There is no one alive who is you-er than you

The more that you read, the more things you will know.

The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.

Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.

 You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes.

You can steer yourself any direction you choose.

You’re off to Great Places! Today is your day!

Your mountain is waiting, So… get on your way! 

Angelina is a DJ for KSSU

Another example of the Socioeconomic divide: I Want to Quit

Untitled-1As a senior, I should not even be in this class, but like a dingus, I took a class with mostly freshman. On top of that, a communications class. To give you a better idea of my place in this classroom, peep this: the teacher asked me on the first day, “Why are you here? You’re a senior.”

We were having a conversation about capitalism’s role in our lives, and got onto the subject of college students doing the balancing act that is work and homework. He had mentioned before that he helped his daughter through college and had also mentioned that he recently helped her buy a condo in L.A.–she is 35 now. This little tidbit left a bad taste in my mouth. This guy seems to favor entitlement, but he is an honest guy and I look forward to his class. Back to capitalism he caught me off-guard by making a divisive assertion where he insisted that students should not have to work during college. “It is just too hard. You do not get the full value of what you are paying for.” I. Went. In. On. Him.


“You’re justifying your lifestyle to yourself. We should tax the rich so that education is free for everyone.”–Professor

It made me so mad, I mean I am all about making education cheaper. I’m also all about addressing the income gap, but really, students shouldn’t work?

“Your parents are responsible for you. They should pay for everything while you are in school. It is their job to help you through.”

I don’t think so. I just don’t. Just because you have kids, do you really have to subsidize their education? That is what I would want to do, but once I learned my parents couldn’t help (at least consistently), I did not have the gusto to ask them why. I just knew that it was something that they could not do, and to beg is to let valuable time slip past you that you can use to take accountability for your life.

I left class not feeling satisfied with my position. I felt like I got so defensive that something else was driving my comeback.

I’m burnt out. The job, the friends, my radio show, my research class, my boyfriend, my family, assigned reading….EVERYTHING. It is not that I do not enjoy these things. The pressure to be well-rounded has driven me to take on new experiences, but what does it all mean if I am tired all the time?

I don’t remember the last time I read a book (assigned or for fun).

I am tired.

I have become capitalism’s little b*tch.

I want to be a kid again.


DJ Mophead listen to her on KSSU

Sacramento Celebrates National Poetry Month (Guerilla Style)

poetry month

April is National Poetry Month, and Sacramento is a great place to celebrate.

 Local promotional group ZFG, also known as Zero Forbidden Goals, will be celebrating this month in a non-traditional sort of way, Guerilla style. You may be thinking of warfare when the term “guerilla style” is mentioned, but over the course of 2014, ZFG has taken it and applied it to the arts.

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