Lil Wayne adds to his legacy with Tha Carter V

 One of the greatest rappers of our generation, Dwayne Carter, has given us plenty of classic songs, albums and mixtapes. His new album “The Carter V” adds to his legacy. 

The Grammy Award rapper who has been called, “The Greatest Rapper Alive”, now has another number one album on the charts. This isn’t anything new for the legendary spitter who gave us hit like “No Ceilings”, “Carter II”, “Carter III” and “Da Drought 3” to name a few, but some thought the rapper wasn’t capable of delivering good music anymore. 

As a long time Lil Wayne fan, I thought that his good music was behind him. In my opinion, it has been a bad year for older rappers like Nas, Eminem, Kanye and Jay-Z who all gave us mediocre albums.

Carter V isn’t a classic album in my eyes but it is still pretty good and the best rap album of the year in my opinion. I think this album was just as good as J. Cole’s KOD, Nipsey Hustle’s Victory Lap and better than Drake’s Scorpion. 

Lil Wayne doesn’t even write his music, he is basically memorizing his freestyles which is even more impressive when you listen to this album.  This album was packed with 23 songs and features from Kendrick Lamar, Travis Scott, Nicki Minaj and Snoop Dogg to name a few. 

I think the best song on the album is “Mona Lisa” and features the great Kendrick Lamar. The two Hip-Hop icons do notdisappoint on that track. Kendrick might have stole the show with his verse on that song but Wayne was impressive as well. 

There are plenty of other good songs on this album like “Uproar”, “Dark Side of the Moon”, ‘Let it Fly”, “Hittas” and “Let it all Work Out.” There are gems throughout the album, so if you haven’t listened to it yet, I suggest you do. 

Drake: Nothing Was The Same Album Review

drake album cover

If you were looking for Drake to get back to his rapping roots on his latest effort, you’re going to have a bad time.

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Album Review: Future Pluto

I’m bout to cop the Porsche, Tony Montana! Tony Montana! Tony Montana!
You leave me no choice, Tony Montana! Tony Montana! Tony Montana!

Ok, ok, I know I didn’t use the best lines to start out this review but I’m a 49er fan. Can you blame me?


First off, I’m INCREDIBLY late on listening to this album, and I have to apologize to Future for sleeping so long. This album is solid from front to back and it begins with a surprise appearance from Big Rube of the legendary Dungeon Family. He definitely caught me off guard with the way the album starts. Most rappers from the south like to lead off their album with a banging ass beat, in which they call out all challengers *cough* Lil Wayne*cough* *cough*T.I.*cough*. He continues the calm vibe into the second track with a classic R & B beat and feature from R. Kelly, which was a nice change of pace. He makes sure to let us know what’s good by track 3 (Straight Up). We start to hear that Free Bandz sound we’ve come to know from Future.

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Album Review: 2 Chainz “Based on a T.R.U. Story”

2 chainz


I had high expectations for this album, being that 2 Chainz has had a solid year in hip-hop. He’s been featured on tracks from Rick Ross to Future, to Lil Wayne, and even Kanye West. 2012 has absolutely been the year of 2 Chainz.

Too bad that didn’t do anything for the quality of his album.

Don’t get me wrong; there was plenty of high moments throughout the CD. For starters, this is one of the best produced albums this year, and when you see who he recruited for this project, it’s not a surprise. A who’s who of hip hop producers make appearances on this album from Bangladesh (Dope Peddler), to Noah “40” Shebib (No Lie), to Drumma Boy (Money Machine). Even The Dream makes an appearance on the song “Extremely Blessed,” which is one of the high points of the album (production-wise, anyway). It’s arranged well and I can pop it in the CD player and ride around with the windows down all day. The driving bass in the majority of the songs really give the CD power and it takes you back to the roots of Southern Hip-Hop, but with a modern 2012 twist.

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Jay-z- American Gangster

Jay-Z has created some great music in his lifetime but he has also created some bad music. Recently it has fallin along the lines of poor. Why? Because he is Jay-Z and he can really do whatever he wants. But he still creates albums for “todays listener” which means his style keeps switching up. The reason I fell in love with Jay-Z in the beginning was because he had that Mafioso rap where he is gangster but it is all about that dollar and respect. That is the Jay-Z I love and this album may have been his last ode to that style.

The album starts out with a great introduction about what a gangster is suppose to be. It sets the tone for the album and gives the listener an idea of what is to come. The second track (American Dream) samples Marvin Gaye and show’s Jay-Z in his most comfortable of settings. The laid back beat shows a Jay-Z that we haven’t seen since his Reasonable Doubt years. The drug dealers conscious along with the drug dealers reality. The Jay-Z I truly love. Unfortunately he enlisted Lil Wayne for the next song which was a clear miss. But after that it picks right back up with “No Hook.” [Read more…]

What happened to them?

I was loading some older cds to my mac that I had recently found and I was surprised at some of the stuff I found. As you would imagine it got to thinking…. What happened to them (him/her)?

Some of the ones that stood out were a few southern rappers, namely The Ying Yang Twins and Mike Jones.. Who?, Mike Jones. There was a point where on the radio it was impossible to turn on the radio and not hear a song of theirs or featuring one of the artists on the song. [Read more…]

Fred Durst and YMCMB?


I know I’m a little late on this here but it still confuses me. Fred Durst, of nu-metal group Limp Bizkit fame, is signed to Young Money Cash Money Business as an artist? Lil’ Wayne and Birdman made a real reach on this one. I know that music moguls are always trying to sign diverse and up and coming artist, but Fred Durst? Really? I remember Limp Bizkit being one of the biggest bands of my elementary schools days when TRL ruled the air waves, but since then ego and money led to their downfall. I didn’t even know  Fred Durst was still in music or even had music industry friends. Limp Bizkit collaborated with hip hop artists in the past, such as Method Man, Redman, DMX and Xzibit, but haven’t been relevant since the early 2000′s. At first I thought it was a joke, but lo and behold, its legit.

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Music Review – David Guetta “Nothing But the Beat”

Music Review – David Guetta “Nothing But the Beat”
By: Josue “Josh” Alvarez Mapp

Where them girls at?  Nah, where’s that David Guetta at?!  If you are behind on the news, David Guetta just released his latest CD, “Nothing But the Beat” at the end of this August 2011.  Still haven’t gotten it yet?  Not sure if you should get it?  Well let me tell you about it. [Read more…]