Where are the rock stars?

At the beginning of its conception, rock and roll always had its poster boys, from Elvis Presley and Bob Dylan to Axl Rose and Seven Tyler. However, the age of the rock star is gone. The days of sold out stadiums and arenas, the sex, drugs, rock n roll life style, and the iconic rock stars are all gone. Why has such a fantastic thing as that disappeared, or rather burned out?

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Motley Crue- Las Vegas

Feel Good in Sin City: Motley Crue Reiview

I have many bands, from KISS to Guns N Roses, to Megadeth to Bob Dylan. One band however that has long been on my list of bands to see is one of the most notorious bands from the 1980’s: Motley Crue

In February of 2012 the Crue played over 9 shows in 3 weeks at the Hard Rock Casino Resort, and let me say, it felt good. Although the production value was not as great as that in the Carnival of Sin tour, the Crue still blew away almost all live competition. Complete with stilt walkers and trapeze artist this show was truly one for Vegas.

Always looking for a new exciting drum effect, Tommy Lee’s new gimmick was quite impressive. His drum set was sitting on the bottom of a huge circle track that sent Tommy going around and around, upside-down in a circle. [Read more…]