Luke Cage

luckecageThe new Amazon series covering yet another Marvel super hero. Of course i’m talking about the infamous Luke Cage. Yet another superhero who just wants to be left alone, but sometimes when trouble comes a knocking no one else can answer the door. Cause Luke Cage is the only one home. Plus he has super powers.

Ok so I’m going to avoid spoilers as much as I can in this blog post, I am a bit early in reviewing. There are a couple of things you should know right off the bat though. Luke Cage has popped up in the Jessica Jones show, and he exists in the same universe as Lawyer Man! Wait that’s not right.. Daredevil! who I totally think should have been named Batman. Think about it, super hearing, bad eye sight. That has missed opportunity written all over it. Anyway Luke Cage’s show seems to take place after the events of his time in the Jessica Jones Show.

Luke’s Super Powers:

Possibly a bit spoilery if you’re totally in the dark about Luke Cage, don’t worry you’re not alone, my exposure to the character has been completely through netflix and Wikipedia. First thing you may want to know is that he’s super strong. Like lift a Fridge without breaking a sweat strong. Now that’s pretty basic in the average super heroes bag of tricks these days. Given daredevil is a little lacking on that one, but he gets by fine without it. Luke Cage also happens to be bullet proof which makes him unique in our current super hero netflix line up.

Luke Cage’s bullet proof abilities may seem to throw him in the over powered Super Man level of things, and I may have to agree with you. There are downsides though, much like the Incredible hulk and werewolves he tends to go through a healthy amount of shirts. Which is something that I have a hard time grasping. Sure I get it, one day you wake up and you happen to be bullet proof, that’s cool just fine and dandy. Who wouldn’t want that super power? I mean I’m not worried about bullets on my average day to day basis, which I suppose makes me lucky. Yet If I gained this super power, I would instantly be in a pretty good mood. It’s like Insurance, you never want to use it, but It sure puts your mind at ease. Now having said that even with full knowledge that these bullets won’t cause any real damage, I would likely step aside if people were actively shooting at me. Possibly just out of a latent instinct reasons. At the very least to preserve a shirt or two. Luke Cage doesn’t seem to share this ideology though, running headfirst into danger is his business, and business is good.

Other Stuff:
The current story is set in Harlem, and I’m really loving the soundtrack. If the recent string of Netflix Marvel shows has been your style then this new series may be right up your alley.

My name is Chris Diel and when i’m not doing Computer Sciency things or watching Luke Cage I’m on the radio on KSSU doing the radio things. 🙂

Stop what you’re doing, and watch Stranger Things already

strangerthingsFor all of you who have seen this show already, is anyone else still mesmerized by it?

I’ll admit, I was reluctant to watch it at first because of all the fuss over it. I don’t know about you, but I roll my eyes over things that are “trending”. But man, oh man. I would’ve lived with some serious unknowing regret if I didn’t watch this show.

So I hear you if you say, “Meh, I don’t need another show in my life. Plus, school just started to pick up and I really want this to be a good semester.”

But let’s think about this. Did you spend the entire weekend studying? Probably not. So sit down and watch the whole 397 minutes of Stranger Things so you can live your life knowing you have experienced cinematic greatness. It’s eight episodes. That’s it! And you don’t even have to feel guilty about pushing the next episode button! Just look away as Netflix does it for you!

Some reasons you SHOULD watch it:

-The eighties. Sing along to the various songs in the show from The Clash, to The Bangles to Foreigner. And if you’re not all that familiar with the 80’s jams, shame on you. Just kidding. After watching this show, your go-to playlist will be a mix of 80’s music. Especially The Clash. But it’s not only the music that’s amazing. The set is incredible. It’s crazy how much detail the crew added to make it so realistic.

-Winona Ryder. I mean, she is brilliant. Beetle Juice, man. Side note: there is going to be a second Beetle Juice, right? I didn’t just make that up in my head?

-The kid actors stole the show this year at the Emmys. They handed out PB & J sandwiches and opened the awards show singing, and they didn’t even walk away with a trophy. That’s right. Stranger Things was ineligible to be nominated because of strict deadlines for the Emmys. I learned that after scrolling though Emmy winners for ten minutes trying to find awards given to Stranger Things. My dedication to this posting should act as the next reason to watch it.

-Stephen King tweeted about it. Enough said.

-It’s written by twin brothers. How cool is that? My sister and I were born the same year, so for about 2 months we are “twins”. We would rip each other’s hair out before ever creating something as amazing as Stranger Things though.

-Barb. Who is Barb you ask? Probably one of the most relatable characters on the show. I’m team Barb. Who else is with me?! I say let’s ALL dress up as Barb this Halloween and take the city by storm! A parade of red hair and thick framed glasses! And even if we don’t, you can bet your bottom that a great multitude of people will! Once you have seen the show, immediately watch the online video Barb Returns to “Stranger Things”. You will not regret it.

-IT WILL LEAVE YOU WANTING MORE. I said “eight episodes, that’s it!” earlier to convince you to watch the show. But you will say that line in a different tone after it’s all over. “Eight episodes?! That’s it?!?!”

Do not fear, season 2 is in works! Now start watching it! The upside down awaits!


Binge watching TV Shows

TVThe last TV show I binge watched was Charmed. It’s an old show but my roommate and I watched it during the last month of summer. It’s a show about three sisters in San Francisco who find out they are powerful witches. They try to live normal lives but realize they have to save the world from demons who are trying to take over the world. Eventually, they have children and their lives get more challenging because the demons are trying to take control of their children. It’s pretty much a show about good versus evil. This show opened my eyes to many relationship problems and how the world can be with negative people. I just enjoy watching shows that combines fiction with real life situations. If you have not watched Charmed I suggest you watch it. I would advise you to watch the first few episodes to understand the background of the show, then skip to the end of season 3. There is more drama when season 4 begins through the last episode of the show. I know it sounds strange to recommend skipping almost three seasons, but the show is better that way. If you have watched the show, then you know what I am referring to. If not, you will find out the show is better when season 4 begins.

The next show I am looking forward to binge watching is Grey’s Anatomy. I began watching it towards the end of Spring semester. And watched at least four seasons before July. It still premiers on cable and has over ten seasons. I am trying to catch up with the episodes on cable, so I can watch the new season that’s already premiering. The show is about doctors who work in Seattle, WA. Everyone knows that doctors have a busy work schedule. So, it focuses on what doctor’s deal with inside and outside of work. Most of the characters are dating, competing, dealing with health issues, getting hurt, whatever you think of is in this show. Grey’s anatomy is not only a medical show, it addresses life situations. On top of that the show is hilarious. There are random moments where you have to think about what just happened and laugh. So far I really enjoy the show. I am excited to catch up with the new season. I am guilty of watching some of the episodes of season 9 on cable. I have never seen a show to last for more than at least eight seasons. And this show has over ten. I enjoy the mystery of what is going to happen next in this show. Many people are aware of this show, but I really think this a show to recommend to everyone. There is never a dull moment. You will learn to love all of the cast over the season’s. Although some of them may annoy you at times. There are different things that each character deal with that draws you to them even more. So if you all are looking for a show, check out Grey’s Anatomy.


QuanticoAlright all you Netflix enthusiasts, I’m about to encourage your binge watching habits like never before.

I, like many others, am always on the lookout for new shows. My recent finding is a new series on Netflix called Quantico.

Its basis is located in Virginia as a group of recruits embark upon the training process to become a special agent in the FBI. The top recruits go through a rigorous 21 week training process, both mentally and physically. Each recruit has their own dirty little secrets about their past and their reason for joining the FBI. This intense training process exposes many secrets, but only leads to more questions and confusion. The series of flashbacks provide further background into the mysterious pasts of these individuals as well.

Honestly, this show keeps you on your toes the entire time! Just as you start to think that you’ve figured out one mystery, there is a plot twist that completely derails your train of thought.

The main character, Alex Parrish, lives a life of mystery. She seems to be a good girl who does bad things with good intentions, but there is no way of knowing for sure. Throughout the 22 episode season, viewers are torn between labeling her as good or evil. And as you finish the last episode you are still left wondering.

It has elements for everyone. There is crime, romance, mystery, and comedy all in one episode. And the fact that the entire cast is incredibly attractive is an added bonus to the already intriguing story line.

So the next time you are looking for a good show, I highly recommend watching it. And if you end up watching the whole season in one night, fret not! Season two airs September 25th on ABC! You will not be left in suspense for an extended period of time.

House of Cards Season 2 and the Constitution

house of cards logo

I am supposed to be doing homework right now.  I need to read Supreme Court civil rights cases for my Constitutional Rights and Liberties class.  There is a huge exam coming up.  Instead, I am on Episode 6, Season 2 of House of Cards.  This Netflix original series, created by Beau Willimon, is magnificent, and addictive.  The main characters, Frank and Claire Underwood, (played by Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright) are cool, calculating and ruthless.  Their brainpower together can blow up the political landscape of Washington D.C., leaving only a few resilient operatives standing.

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Why I’m Buying an XBOX ONE Instead


On November 15, Sony’s Playstation 4, and on November 22, Microsoft’s XBOX ONE, will be released in the US. The dilemma between which console to buy hits millions of gamers from all around the world. Including this one. For some, this decision is easy. For many, this decision is the PS4. Not a single person I asked, from my fellow DJs at KSSU to my coworkers, said they were buying the XBOX ONE (except my co-host, TEX). For about a week, the over-all push from gamers to go to the PS4 almost convinced me to get, but then I remembered why I currently own an XBOX 360.

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Beautiful Losers

beautiful-losers-786123Until recently, watching “Beautiful Losers” would not have been possible since Netflix had sent me multiple notices that my credit card on file was expired in spite of the fact that the expiration date is in 2 years. Also, since I have about .35 cents in my account I wasn’t anticipating it to magically kick on and send me an email that “everything’s fixed.” It did though. But whatever, as Monopoly would say, “Bank error in your favor.”

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