Experimenting with Pescatarianism


So I’m not an expert on this stuff, but with Wikipedia as my guide I have begun the long road of Pescetarianism. If this seems to be an alien term to you, then in the words of the Pleague (Hackers) “Never fear, I is here.” A Pescetarian as far as I understand it is a person who, much like a vegan avoids meat, but where as a vegan wouldn’t eat fish or eggs or even milk to the Pescetarian these are A-OK options. Which is a good thing for without creamer my coffee would be a shell of it’s former self, and without coffee I would be lost.

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Movie Review: The Muppets

I love the Muppets. Now I’m not referring to this movie just yet, but the Muppets in general. Growing up I watched the VHS tapes of the all the movies from the first one all the way to ‘Muppets In Space’, now there is a new theatrical movies known simply as ‘The Muppets’. This movie is a nice homage to the original Muppets Movie. They have a few references to it and the comedy style, although perhaps not as low-key witty, was still there. This movie, as the original features a plethora of celebrity guests, from Jack Black and Dave Grohl to Mickey Rooney and Sarah Silverman. Although it was nice to have this array of celebrities, I feel they were not properly utilized as they were so masterfully in the first one, watch Steve Martins performance in the first movie, #tremendous. [Read more…]