Christmas, Cheese Balls, and the Crayon Incident


Every Christmas season is pretty much the same for me. One side of the family gets together at one location on Christmas Eve, and the other side gets together somewhere else on Christmas day. Both sides love each other, but come on, there are a lot of us and most of them are old. Here are a few iconic holiday things that cease to disappear every year.

The infamous Cheese Ball. I have no idea what Grandma Sonja puts in it, but as soon as she whips that bad boy out with some Ritz crackers, all Hell breaks loose. Most relatives attack it head on, trying to make small talk to distract their adversaries from the heavenly cheese sphere. Me, I wait, because after they have their fill, I can indulge calmly and take my time with the ball of cheese.

Wii Sports. Again, most of my relatives are older and they want to connect with us young folk. One thing they always do when they visit is challenge us to games in Wii Sports games. My Grandma (same one who plants the deadly cheese ball) claims she used to be a professional bowler. She wins most of the time on the Wii, but as soon as someone gets ahead of her, the old “this dang remote is acting up on me” excuse flies out her mouth. Grandma is great.

Christmas Eve Skate Session. Every year, my father and I head out to a skate park and rip it up on Christmas Eve. Sometimes we have a lot of people, sometimes it is just us. This year we will be chillin’ and killin’ out in Cordelia with about fifteen other skaters. What better way to celebrate the holiday you love by doing what you love?

The Crayon Incident. This only happened once, but it gets reminded every year. So here I was, sitting across the cards table from my Uncle Dan. The table is in the middle of the living room with chairs and couches around the bottom of it so people not playing cards can watch TV. Behind my Uncle is kitchen which is open to the living room. He and I were sitting watching TV because the other seats were taken up. I’m just relaxing, and I hear somebody rip one, like a long one. Every one instantly blames me because I was a teenage boy who leaked like a gas line, BUT it wasn’t me, it was my Uncle. He got red-faced and started busting up laughing and in an attempt to waft the fart away with a  box of crayons, the whole box opened up. We got methane in the air, crayons flying everywhere, people on their knees laughing, my cousin gasping for air as she laughs with cheese ball in her mouth, and I am in the middle of the chaos. The Crayon Incident.

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Happy Holidays, DJGingerbeard

The Ghost Inside/ Attila/ Volumes Album Reviews.

I want to take a moment and talk about some news albums that came out recently, and by recently I mean within the last six months. The Ghost Inside, Attila, and Volumes all dropped some heavy stuff and I checked out all their new albums. Holy snap crackle and pop, they were extravagant. The Ghost Inside with some hardcore melodies, Attila with their IDGAF in-your-face attitude, ad Volumes with a melodic change for the better.


Once again, the Ghost Inside have proven themselves to be one of the leading bands in the hardcore scene. To all those who say they went “mainstream” and are not underground anymore, I say to you, screw that. If a band can make it big and get paid more so they can actually afford nice things instead of sticking to the underground and getting paid diddly squat for a run down apartment, I say go for it and get big. The first song “Avalanche” straight up pumps up the mood for everybody with a nice build up in the beginning and gang vocals to breakdown as a finisher. The debut song “Dear Youth” covers all aspects of a great song; powerful riffs, relatable lyrics, empowering breakdowns, and a harmony that is off the chain. Well done The Ghost Inside.


First off, Attila is not a band meant to be taken as “meaningful” or important to your life goals. They are a party hard, DGAF kind of band with a new album called “Guilty Pleasure”. With a mix between brutal exhales and rapping, Fronz (vocalist) has multiple virtuoso moments throughout the song. Some tracks make me shake my head and say “what the heck is this” but tracks like “Guilty Pleasure” and “Horse Pig” get me throwing chairs and flipping tables. Again, they are not very deep and philosophical, but they kill it live. I speak from past experiences when i say they put on a fantastic show with lights, and 8O8 drops. This new album will take their concerts to the next level. I saw an Instagram video of a huge wall of death to one of their new songs and that is enough to convince me that this new album is worth purchasing.


Last but certainly not least, Volumes. Volumes is a Djent band well-known for their breakdowns, but their album “No Sleep” was not what fans expected this album had a lot of lighter, more melodic tracks on it. Don’t get me wrong, the tracks are amazing and I am happy to hear that Volume’s use of music theory and desire to do less heavy music in their future, but Volumes received a lot of fire. In their song “The Mixture”, the lyrics say “you can have metal back” and in an interview, the vocalists said they are dropping from their label to pursue music on their own path. The album “No Sleep” is the first step in Volumes new style and wave of music, and I love every bit of it.

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Hi, I’m Brandi Marie & I’m Your New Favorite DJ


Hey, World.

My name is Brandi Marie Hill (don’t mind the last name…nobody really uses it), and I am super duper excited to be a DJ at KSSU! I’m not quite done with my training process yet, but hopefully will be soon. Just a fair warning, here’s what you can expect from me…RANDOMNESS. You will never know what you will hear on my show. I will be talking about anything and everything and playing anything and everything. I may be playing R&B one week, Indie the next, Rock the next, shoot I may even have a show dedicated completely to Disney songs (and yes, I have seriously considered doing this). Even though my taste in music is super random, right now I have a thing for remixes and covers. People just have a way of doing things better than the original artists nowadays. So expect to hear a lot of those as well.

Anyway, do you want to know the title of my show? My random and awesome future show?? Drumroll, please. (bumbumbumbumbum)

Eargasms & Glitter Showers

Now, before you become overwhelmed with confusion and secondhand awesomeness let me explain where the name came from. My best friend and I were brainstorming potential titles for the show and this just came out of the air, but something about it stuck with me.

Eargasms = Good Music. I’ve got lots of it. Or at least I like to think so. Hopefully you guys will think so too.

Glitter Showers = This is where the randomness comes in. Random topics, rants, anything and everything.

See? Totally sensible.

But on a serious note, I feel super blessed to be able to be involved with so many cool people and I am really thankful for the KSSU staff for giving me this opportunity. Everyone at the station seems really chill, and I cannot wait to get to know everybody and for everyone to get to know me. Keep an ear out for me;  I can’t wait to reach you. 🙂


xoxoBrandiMarie. ❤

Brandi Marie is going to be a DJ with Sacramento state’s only student run radio station KSSU

25 Thoughts we’ve all had during group projects




By: Joanne Serrieh


Depending on what kind of person you are, group projects can be the most stressful part of your college years. Okay, maybe not THAT stressful but a lot of us have the same thoughts go through our heads when we find out we are getting assigned to a group…thoughts like the following:


  1. First day of class, you’re reading the syllabus. You will be assigned three major papers, a midterm and a final. Then you read the words, “group project.” That’s when your heart stops beating.
  2. You start to think to yourself that by the time you’re assigned this project, you will have probably gotten to know your classmates. You can then select a good group to work with.
  3. Only to realize the professor will randomly assign you to a group. Start panicking.
  4. This is when the internal dialogue begins and doesn’t end till after the project is turned in.
  5. Please assign me to a group of hard workers.
  6. Oh no, not that topic!
  7. Okay first group member. I had a class with him before, he’s a good student.
  8. Oh no, professor grouped me with the kid who’s always sleeping in class.
  9. Great! My third group member is NEVER in class. More work for me.
  10. Okay, now I know my team members, I need to know my plan.
  11. But first, let me take a selfie ask the professor if all group members will receive the same grade or not then I’ll set my plan.
  12. Oh shoot, we’re all getting the same grade.
  13. I need to step up to the leader position because no one else will do it.
  14. Alright, you’re doing part A, you’re doing part B, you’re doing part C and I’ll take care of the  hard stuff.
  15. Oh no, why did I volunteer to do that?!
  16. *Two days before project is due* I have sent them five emails and only received one response. Cool.
  17. Okay then, I guess I will just do this whole thing by myself since WE’RE ALL GETTING THE SAME GRADE AND I DON’T WANT TO FAIL!
  18. *Due date in class* God please let me walk out of this class without hurting anyone.
  19. Oh, you didn’t do your part but now you want to present with the rest of us?
  21. *During presentation* Wow, I did not expect you to take my last statement in a literal way but thank you.
  22. It’s not like I put all of this together or anything.
  23. Presentation is over? How am I so calm right now?
  24. Okay, I’m just going to sit back down and listen to my group members talk about how glad they are now that it’s over.
  25. You know what? Whatever. I’m done. Just done.

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When Being Social Makes You Suffer


Are you overly social to the point of your studies suffering? While attending school there are several distractions that can cause you to become easily off topic. The main one is being over-social. Although, this may not be the topic for everyone, majority would agree. Being overly social can definitely affect your study habits.

I am a very energetic, fun going person; sometimes can be seen as the light of a crowd. I love to be around friends and the practice of leisure is what I do best. However, I am a very focused and driven person as well. Balancing the two disciplines from time to time have conflict interchanging. For instance, when approached with the choice of having the whole weekend off to myself to study, blog and catch up on homework is always a great plan/idea but has yet to follow through. The actuality of the fact is I am either going to seek tasks to distract me or I’m not going to hesitate in indulging in the distraction. Here’s a sample conversation in my present life:

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A little Q & A with Bettina Cross

ImageI have a question for everyone: 

Do you “speak well” of people that recently committed suicide, and could that contribute to the motivation of others that are predisposed for suicide to follow through with the act of suicide?

I have experienced over the past few years having a number of people that I have known commit suicide. After they kill themselves, the community seems to come together and talk about how good they were, how much they are missed. There are always large memorials and events that follow. A couple of them actually have photos of them and little memorials put up at some local businesses long after they have passed. It does not matter how much of a dick they were — once they commit suicide they become misunderstood and almost become a community saint.

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Relationships: A Reason, Season, or a Lifetime By Bettina Cross

ImageIn regards to relationships: relationships are there for a reason a season or a lifetime. You can go through the meet and greet process with someone and it is impersonal. You don’t really know this person, not sure if you are all the way interested in this person, and deciding if this person is going to be worth your immediate time. That is what I would consider a casual everyday relationship. You bump into someone you meet. You say very impersonal things to strike up conversation such as, “How’s the weather?” or “Do you attend school?” and things of that nature. You ask the questions impersonally and then later analyze and decide if it is worth it.

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Random Questions Answered By Bettina Cross

Some random questions, answered, for you to get to know me:

1. What was your first cd and what would you tell your past-self about having owned that cd?

cassette freak nasty

The first Cassette tape I remember buying was “Da Dip” by Freak Nasty. Yes, I am an 80’s baby so by the time I could afford music for myself they still had the small RCA cassette tapes that you could self-rewind with reflective brownish black ribbon that could become increasingly messy and a hassle if it became unwound. The song was made famous by a very unique but annoying hook: “I put my hand up on yo hip, when I dip you dip we dip, I put your hand up on my hip, when I dip you dip we dip. . .” What I would have had told myself now that I didn’t know then was that even though it was a top #1 song for a long time and was popular among friends, the song was a single- he never made a full CD and that was something I should have taken into consideration before purchasing. I should have saved my money and kept it in my pocket because he became a one hit wonder.

“If you ain’t dippin you must be trippin”-Freak Nasty

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How relationships CAN AFFECT you!

Relationships can be the biggest up or the biggest down in your life. Relationships can leave you emotionally and physically scared and running for cover. It can make you feel higher than all highs that you would never get from any drug or endorphin rush, or make you feel lower than life and make you put yourself last to please others. Relationships can make you develop lust and mistrust, and at the same time complete and in love.

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An Argument for Direct Democracy

According to an article the Federalist Papers: No.10, by James Madison, “A society consisting of a small number of citizens, who assemble and administer the government in person, can admit no cure for the mischief’s of faction.” I agree with Madison because I believe it is up to the people to make a decision about the outcome of situations not just by a predisposed group or people who are interrogated by a small majority.  That is why I believe it is more preferable to have Direct Government, such as that found in the Initiative Process, where the voter has a direct vote in deciding whether a measure becomes law.

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