Childish Gambino Changes Things Up with “Because the Internet”

“Because the Internet” album cover

danny glvoer

Childish Gambino (a.k.a Donald Glover) recently released his newest project Because The Internet. Unlike any regular project, Gambino released his 2nd studio album along side a screenplay that can be accessed through On this website, he creates an interactive reading experience. While reading along, you can watch clips and listen to his new songs that corresponds to the part you’re reading. Everything about this album is internet-esque, or an ode to today’s internet age, referencing to things such as the popular website, internet slang such as “troll”, mentions, etc. Also the way it was highly promoted through Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Tumblr, and other internet avenues adds to the feel for this new project.

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Beard and Mustaches That Rock

As a self-proclaimed facial hair enthusiast and rock and roll deejay, it only seems natural to notice that there are a lot of musicians with epic face hair. From classic rock to hip hop, interesting facial hair is a feature in an industry that loves crazy looks.

The band "The Beards" is proof of the relationship between face hair and good tunes


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Music Review: Wiz Khalifa – Taylor Allderdice

By Rehab

The rapper from Pittsburgh has had a roller coaster year. He dropped his major label debut Rolling Papers with mixed reviews, the harshest coming from his rabid fan base. He began to court socialite Amber Rose, with whom he recently got engaged to. He also was listed according to MTV as one of the hottest MC’s in the game. Wiz Khalifa, in the midst of his current tour, drops Taylor Allderdice to build buzz for his next album. Hoping to capture the fans he has lost since going “commercial”, Wiz doesn’t disappoint with this at all and will certainly be a mix tape that will be in rotation all through the spring and summer as the warmer weather approaches.

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