Version Control


I’m currently sitting in Riverside Hall at Sacramento State listening to Modest Mouse to drown out the voices around me, and contemplating the presentation I just heard about Git. Now if you don’t happen to be a programmer this may be your first time hearing about it, or version control in general.

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Pharrell GIRL Album Review

pharrell girl

Pharrell Williams had a historical year in 2013 and now he is coming back in 2014 guns blazing. It all started with the pairing that included himself and Daft Punk on Daft Punk’s newest album Random Access Memories in 2013. Then he got his fingerprints on Robin Thicke’s catchy and unforgettable single “Blurred Lines.” Now he has his own solo album called GIRL coming out and it surely will be a Summer Kick Off album.

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Why we should invest into human robotic surrogacy? Fact or fiction opinion

Have you ever wanted to just sleep in from work? Have you ever wanted to be more involved in every aspect of your business? Has your health or age kept you from doing more I have the solution for you in robotic human surrogacy. By having a robotic human surrogate you will have more time to do the things you need to do, as well as the man power to do it. This would add extreme value in the business world by literally creating extra hands. [Read more…]

Movie Review – Real Steel

Movie Review – Real Steal
By: Josue “Josh” Alvarez Mapp
A.k.a. DJ Mappquest

Another movie that figured what makes for an awesome movie – robots, a ruggedly charming male actor (Hugh Jackman), a cute kid with some spunk and sass [and apparently looks like a younger Justin Bieber] (Dakota Goyo), and a mix of action, drama, character development, and a sprinkle or romance, and a modern family spin on it. [Read more…]