Second Time around

For the second time in a 5 month span I was able to go see Zappa Plays Zappa at the Crest Theater in Sacramento. For those unfamiliar with the Band, it is a tribute band of sorts that plays the music of famed guitarist and rock hero Frank Zappa, who died of cancer in 1993 of cancer. The leader of the band is Zappa’s son Dweezil. Dweezil spent over three years to learn the catalog of his father’s vast collection and has done a great job to master it. Dweezil Zappa opened the catalog of his father and put on a great show. The venue itself was very unique and gave a great sound to the show. The Crest theater has stadium like seating and is older and gave a great surround sound feel. This show was vastly different from the show I had seen in San Francisco when the band was an opening act. The first act of the show was a short half hour set of mostly lesser known songs from the 1960’s. The second set was much longer and was absolutely rocking. The second set featured a more diverse sound. Some blues songs, mixed in with some jazz and then a quick turn into a solo on a kazoo. [Read more…]