Travis Scott – Sicko Mode (Skrillex Remix) Review

Skrillex just guaranteed that “Sicko Mode” will be played at every club, festival and party.

Not too long ago, he remixed Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble” and transformed it into heavy rotation-track.  The remix feels more like 4 edits on the drums with a remixed middle part that has more of the Skrillex-sound we know. It feels very minimal and that works in this track’s favour because it will guarantee more plays in the clubs for its lack of experimentation. The best part has to be the Jersey Club section that comes in at 4:25.

The Jersey Club section has me wondering if we’re going to hear some Jersey Club collaborations with Skrillex. It would be a smart move and hopefully, he has something in the works with DJ Sliink or even some other producers from the Club community. Skrillex is definitely smart and obviously will benefit from riding this wave, but it feels much more like one of those shout-outs to the culture of Club sound.

The placement of the Club section of Sicko Mode is placed at the end; ensuring that it got the last attention of the listener. Overall, this track was already good and we all have been playing this song multiple times. Thankfully, you can now add to your party playlist an even more uptempo remix. This song will do well with those people who like to dabble in EDM (there’s a difference) and those who like the Heavy Bass, Jungle Terror, Jersey Club and Dubstep elements.

If you haven’t heard the “Humble” remix yet, well you need to. Skrillex has much success with his Rap remixes, and we saw how successful “Wild for the Night” with A$AP Rocky was, So we can only expect even more of this style to come out.

///Victor M.

More Dubstep Myths

dubstep kitty

As I have stated in a previous blog and probably will continue to state in future blogs, Dubstep is devastatingly misunderstood. I am constantly surprised by how little people know about it. Those who are unfamiliar are often (too) quick to open their mouths. Here are some of the things that dictate a facepalm:

1. “Dubstep? You mean like Deadmau5?” Deadmau5 is PROGRESSIVE HOUSE.  This music has an entirely different structure and rhythm altogether.

2. “Oh yeah I love Dubstep. I listen to Skrillex all the time!” Skrillex is to Dubstep what David Guetta is to House music: a GIANT SELL-OUT POP ARTIST.

3. “All the kids these days, listening to Dubstep and whatnot.” Dubstep is actually not as popular as it is perceived to be. When was the last time you saw somebody walking around with a Dodge & Fuski shirt? Dodge & Fuski are one of the foremost Dubstep groups of the day. Does anybody know who they are?

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Dubstep: Myths And Realities

While it is true that Dubstep’s fan base -as well as the audience of the entire EDM spectrum–is multiplying at an uncontrollable rate, it still is probably one of the most misunderstood music genres of our time. Few people on the “outside” seem to have an understanding of what it is, and what it stands for. The same uneducated misconceptions are perpetuated by all those who “hate” dubstep. But I am here to tell you that what the haters say is WRONG! Here are just a few of the follies spewed by the naysayers:

1. “Dubstep isn’t real music.” FALSE. People who say this are often people who listen to Pop, Rock, R & B, and Rap. Unbeknownst to a large percentage of the fans of these genres, these forms of music are almost always as synthesized as any form of Electronica. Just because you hear a piano or a violin does NOT mean that someone sat down and recorded themselves playing a tangible instrument. While this is not true in ALL instances, music-making technology has become so advanced that you don’t need to buy a guitar to add a guitar solo. For a producer, this is cheaper, faster, easier, and almost no one will know the difference. Dubstep celebrates the advancement of such technologies, instead of trying to fool you.

UKF is one of the biggest EDM promotion and distribution companies in the world. They can almost single-handedly be thanked for the wildfire spread of Dubstep.

UKF is one of the biggest EDM promotion and distribution companies in the world. They can almost single-handedly be thanked for the wildfire spread of Dubstep.

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Whatstep? Music Through the Eyes of the Unhip

Music is awesome for lots of reasons. Music is great to see live, it can put you in a good mood, you can bond with people over mutual musical interests. In adolescence, music defines social circles and influences fashion. As we get older, listening to music we like when we were younger can take us back to those days. Also as we get older, new music can baffle us, slowly transforming people into those old fogies who just don’t understand what “kids these days listen to!” Music is like a litmus test of how in-tune with your generation you are, and of how in-touch you are with mainstream culture and your peers. In terms of music, I am about fifteen years older than my peers and very, very un-hip.  [Read more…]

So You Wanna Be a Party Rocker…A Guide to Zebra-Print pants and Shufflin’

I’m surprised there isn’t one of these already, and yet, when I investigated last, no one had a step-by-step guide to how to Party Rock.  There’s gotta be a demand for it; LMFAO turned from a semi-obscure group to an International sentation and trend-setting phenom literally overnight with their release of “Party Rock Anthem”.

Party Rock could easily be the next big craze in subcultures, at least style-wise.  Since the release of the album “Sorry For Party Rocking” last year, stores everywhere are packed with brightly-colored animal print clothes, bags, shoes and accessories.  In the last 3 months, I’ve been able to get my hands on a gold leopard print skirt, turquoise leopard print leggings, and just about everything zebra.  But Party Rock goes beyond just animal print pants being out of control.  If you really wanna party rock, follow these simple steps [Read more…]

This week on Traffic Jams

Like always on Traffic Jams, I talked about a bunch of interesting things that were big in the news, including the whole Justin Bieber-baby mama drama-scandal, the upcoming Twilight film Breaking Dawn, and even an article on Yahoo listing the top 10 Dirtiest Cities. And of course, I have the links on the Traffic Jams Facebook (Yes, It’s hyper-linked) for you to check out, if you haven’t already! [Read more…]