Jake Abbott: The Carpenter’s Son EP

jake abott

Jake Abbott and his production team have just come out with a new EP, The Carpenter’s Son. Bluesy, gentle-on-the-ears guitar, and violin with easy, creamy vocals make this EP something you should definitely look into. There are times when the lyrics leave something to be desired, with repetition taking up the largest section of some songs, but the overall style is absolutely lovely. While it is an obscure reference, this EP reminds me a lot of Troy Baker’s band: easy listening with a hint of twang and well deserved conceit.

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CD Review: Esperanza Spalding “Radio Music Society”

Radio Music Society is the most appropriate title for this album by Esperanza Spalding. Listening to this CD, I felt when each track changed, I was going to a new radio station on the dial. There are jazz and lounge qualities to the album, then the tracks in between were rock and rol-esque. Esperanza made me think of Sade with a 1930’s lounge singer style. The range that the singer has is amazing, scatting like an old time jazz singer, who has the vocal range of some great singers. This singer does more than put out a voice, she also plays bass and violin. She is an artist apart of the Chamber Music Society. Most recently, she appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman in March, before going on tour.

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