Stop what you’re doing, and watch Stranger Things already

strangerthingsFor all of you who have seen this show already, is anyone else still mesmerized by it?

I’ll admit, I was reluctant to watch it at first because of all the fuss over it. I don’t know about you, but I roll my eyes over things that are “trending”. But man, oh man. I would’ve lived with some serious unknowing regret if I didn’t watch this show.

So I hear you if you say, “Meh, I don’t need another show in my life. Plus, school just started to pick up and I really want this to be a good semester.”

But let’s think about this. Did you spend the entire weekend studying? Probably not. So sit down and watch the whole 397 minutes of Stranger Things so you can live your life knowing you have experienced cinematic greatness. It’s eight episodes. That’s it! And you don’t even have to feel guilty about pushing the next episode button! Just look away as Netflix does it for you!

Some reasons you SHOULD watch it:

-The eighties. Sing along to the various songs in the show from The Clash, to The Bangles to Foreigner. And if you’re not all that familiar with the 80’s jams, shame on you. Just kidding. After watching this show, your go-to playlist will be a mix of 80’s music. Especially The Clash. But it’s not only the music that’s amazing. The set is incredible. It’s crazy how much detail the crew added to make it so realistic.

-Winona Ryder. I mean, she is brilliant. Beetle Juice, man. Side note: there is going to be a second Beetle Juice, right? I didn’t just make that up in my head?

-The kid actors stole the show this year at the Emmys. They handed out PB & J sandwiches and opened the awards show singing, and they didn’t even walk away with a trophy. That’s right. Stranger Things was ineligible to be nominated because of strict deadlines for the Emmys. I learned that after scrolling though Emmy winners for ten minutes trying to find awards given to Stranger Things. My dedication to this posting should act as the next reason to watch it.

-Stephen King tweeted about it. Enough said.

-It’s written by twin brothers. How cool is that? My sister and I were born the same year, so for about 2 months we are “twins”. We would rip each other’s hair out before ever creating something as amazing as Stranger Things though.

-Barb. Who is Barb you ask? Probably one of the most relatable characters on the show. I’m team Barb. Who else is with me?! I say let’s ALL dress up as Barb this Halloween and take the city by storm! A parade of red hair and thick framed glasses! And even if we don’t, you can bet your bottom that a great multitude of people will! Once you have seen the show, immediately watch the online video Barb Returns to “Stranger Things”. You will not regret it.

-IT WILL LEAVE YOU WANTING MORE. I said “eight episodes, that’s it!” earlier to convince you to watch the show. But you will say that line in a different tone after it’s all over. “Eight episodes?! That’s it?!?!”

Do not fear, season 2 is in works! Now start watching it! The upside down awaits!