The Case To Renew Timeless

When it comes to shows on television, I’m not usually the one who is caught up on all the seasons, especially when it comes to the hour-long shows that require hours of commitment and time to fully enjoy.


While many of my friends were talking about the latest episodes of their favorite shows, I was out of the loop on most of the conversations because I either didn’t have time to catch up on the episodes of the show or I just didn’t care for the show. I get distracted easily so it’s easy for me to lose interest in a show especially with all of the options available these days with streaming and DVR capabilities.


However, on October 3rd 2016, I was caught by surprise and my perspective on television dramas changed when I watched the series premiere of Timeless on NBC.


To give you a quick background on Timeless, the show is about the “Time Team,” a crew consisting of history professor Lucy Preston, Delta Force Operative Wyatt Logan, and programmer Rufus Carlin. Together they are assigned on missions by the FBI to track and capture ex NSA asset Garcia Flynn as he travels through time attempting to change history. (Tried my absolute best to write this section without giving any major spoiler to the plot)


The show turned out to be spectacular and has rallied a large fan base through the course of its 16-episode season. Each episode presents a new time period with a historic moment at risk which if effected would change the entire course of history. Whether the Time Team is in 2017 or in 1937, the setting feels rich, authentic, and historically accurate. Each episode presents critical challenges for Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus as their faith and trust in each other is put to the test. Each of them have interesting backgrounds and conflicts that they face and are constantly reminded of while completing their mission. After watching the first episode, I felt a connection to the characters because they embody ordinary people and you can feel for them in their situation. (SPOILER ALERT) For an example, Wyatt struggles to accept that his wife Jessica could never be brought back to life no matter what he does with history (END OF SPOILER ALERT) The show’s use writer’s, cast, and crew have created an authentic universe with realistic characters in critical situations that make for heart-stopping television entertainment.


However, even with Timeless’ fanbase and success, the show is still at risk of cancellation as NBC will have to decide which of its new shows they will renew and which ones they will discontinue. The cast and crew as well as fans of the show have taken their campaign to get the show renewed on social media using the hashtag #RenewTimeless on Twitter.


Season one of Timeless was outstanding, giving its audience a new kind of television drama. Its magnificent characters, and storylines reflect the hard work and passion that the cast and crew had to develop such a mysterious yet wonderful world.


If NBC cancels Timeless, it will cut the life of a show with wonderful storylines, relatable characters, and historically authentic settings that create an exquisite world that takes its audience’s breath away.


However, if NBC renews the show, it can keep that wonderful world alive and allow the cast and crew to continue to tell the stories of Rufus, Lucy, and Wyatt and their adventures through time. If the cast and crew remain passionate and continue to be passionate and dedicate their artistry to the show, Timeless doesn’t just have the opportunity to have the chance for a second season, but to be one of those television shows that comes once in a generation that people will appreciate for years to come.


For those who love Timeless, continue to to love and enjoy the show by showing your support on your social media. #RenewTimeless isn’t so hard to tweet. In days like this, it is up to we the audience to show passion for the shows that we love to watch and show the broadcast companies that they are shows worth keeping.


For those who have never watched the show before, my advice is to stream the first season where ever you can find it  (My best guess is Hulu or on NBC’s website). Watch the first two or so episodes and take a chance to immerse yourself into the’ shows universe and watch the character’s stories unfold and perhaps you may see why many people are passionate about their favorite time team.


I’ve never been too big on television dramas, but since I’ve seen Timeless, I see the potential that television shows can have. Like movies, they too can tell amazing stories that make us go into the state of wonder and ask questions about the show and about our own situations. I only hope that NBC could renew this amazing show and allow the shows story to unfold beyond its first season.

The Walking Dead: Comics VS. Television

The Walking Dead has captivated audiences with its storytelling and character development along with zombie (or walker) killing action. Viewers who miss out on the comic book are losing an opportunity to have a more in-depth storyline with  more character development. The work by creator Robert Kirkman and the beautiful art exhibited by Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard are not to be missed. Even though the television series and comic are very similar, I recommend taking in both to fully appreciate the work put into each. To clarify I will be using the terms “graphic novel” and “comic” interchangeably.

Warning: I will be discussing past and possible future events in the television series, so if you do not want to be spoiled, do not read on and skip to the last paragraph.

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Hell On Wheels: First Impressions

I am a fan of Westerns. In my book, Clint Eastwood is cowboy legendary. So I have been slightly intrigued by the new Western-style show Hell On Wheels show on AMC, but never really watched, save for the tail end before Breaking Bad. Recently however, I decided to give it a shot and looked it up on the great media resource known at Netflix.

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The conclusion to Bad girls Club season 7

The season finale of Bad Girls Club Season 7 was as eventful as the entire season as a whole. The finale starts off with the newest cast member, Cheyenne, leaving the house. To her dismay she never had to leave the Bad Girls Club in the first place.

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Is it Racist?

The Detroit Tigers opened up a 4 game series against AL Central rival Minnesota on Thursday night.  The Tigers’ starting 9 was this: Austin Jackson (CF), Brennan Boesch (LF), Magglio Ordonez (RF), Miguel Cabrera (1B), Victor Martinez (DH), Jhonny Peralta (SS), Carlos Guillen (2B), Alex Avila (C), and Wilson Betemit (3B).

You may have noticed that all of those names outside of Jackson and Boesch have a Latin-American sound to them.  Ordonez, Cabrera, Martinez, and Guillen are all from Venezuela.  Peralta and Betemit are both from the Dominican Republic.  Avila is from Florida, but still has the Latin-American last name.  Well you may not have noticed, but Tigers’ television broadcaster Rod Allen sure did.  In fact, in looking at the lineup Rod said,

“we better have some rice and beans in the post-game spread.”

Now, this may just be a harmless statement, but it seems to me with all the criticism there is against racism in broadcasting these days, that Rod’s statement will not go entirely unnoticed.  Rod does a great job in the booth for the Tigers, popularizing such phrases as “I see ya big fella,” and making use of the word “piece” when describing a pitcher’s pitch (i.e. change-piece, slide-piece, etc.).  Should Rod be fired for this?  No.  But when Steve Lyons was fired by FOX for saying on television that he couldn’t find his wallet after Lou Piniella used a Spanish phrase during game 3 of the 2006 ALCS, it set a precedent.  Rod was not on national TV, but what he said still may have offended some people.

Anyway, here’s to Rod Allen, and here’s to hoping that his joke doesn’t get taken too seriously and put an American treasure out of a job.

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Come on Emmys! Where’s the love for the drama?

The Nominations for the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards came out this morning and, frankly, there are a lot of surprises. Well, both good and bad. Several shows got some much needed love in their freshmen year, such as HBO’s “Game of Thrones” (13 total) and “Boardwalk Empire” (18 total). Other shows continued their deserving Emmy love, looking at you “Mad Men” (19 total). But there were several disappointing no-shows.

Who Didn’t Get A Nom