The Greatest Show You Haven’t Seen

The Greatest Show You Haven’t Seen (Yet)!
You and your best friend stand beneath a balcony chatting eagerly. “AAAHHH!” A chilling shriek is heard as you witness a man falling to his doom from the

balcony above. *SPLAT*. This is the opening scene in Desperado Episode 1, a Grand Theft Auto 5 show directed by Machinima and written by Sacramento State Film Major,

D’Adonis Moquette. It is part Breaking Bad and part Sons of Anarchy… it is hands-down the greatest show you have never seen. Watch Now (or Link at the bottom)

(NO SPOILERS: Don’t worry, I will not spoil the series BUT GO WATCH IT NOW)

“What the HELL did you get me into!?…”
(Credit: Desperado Episode 1: Welcome Prospects/Wrath Films)

Professional Film?!
For those unaware, Machinimas are films that utilize video games as their platform. Some can be quirky, short, and unappealing…Desperado doesn’t have

that problem with a professionally fully voiced cast and elite cinematography. (Update: The director even had original music produced for the series!)

*Puffs* “You have 2 days…”
(Credit: Desperado Episode 1: Welcome Prospects/Wrath Films)

Desperado is a compelling compendium of sorts. It follows a rag-tag group of Bikers who find themselves in a dilemma: Trying to pay off a debt to a mob boss

and his goons. Meanwhile, a federal agent, who has a personal vendetta against the Bikers, is sent on their trail with one of the most engaging and heart-pulsing character introductions I have seen in a film (let alone a Machinima).

“Let that be a lesson to anyone who doesn’t prove their loyalty to the club…”
(Credit: Desperado Episode 1: Welcome Prospects/Wrath Films)

Holy Crap, They can Act!
I found it rather interesting to find the humanity in these characters simply because of the fact that they are video game characters, but the compelling

voice acting and story driven plot. I was also surprised at the risks that the Writer took with the twists in the story that would pay-off in later episodes.

It definitely kept me wanting to come back for more because you can absolutely see the passion and effort that went into the creation of the series, and it shows.

(Credit: Desperado Episode 1: Welcome Prospects/Wrath Films)

What Makes the Show so Compelling?
Do you remember the first time that you’ve ever tasted your favorite food? You might have been a little weary at first, or thought to yourself “Pizza?… I

don’t trust this… never trust anything with too many Z’s in it.” Shortly there after you take a tantalizing bite that sets you upon your scantily diabetic

destiny. That slice (with a little less artery clogging inducing capacity) is Desperado. There’s an aspect of familiar yet the wild frontier, and the best way

I can describe it is a modern Western for the new eara as it blends the classic tale of heroes but gives the heroes a dark twist.

“I just want to feel… like I’m home again…”
(Credit: Desperado Episode 1: Welcome Prospects/Wrath Films)

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
If you’ve played Grand Theft Auto 5, you would know that the tone of the game is modern with technologically inclined and pop culture undertones. This series

feels more humble and could’ve been shot in almost anything and hold up because of the voice acting and script but there are things that could be worked on even

in a perfect series. Sometimes the background characters seem off (Non-speaking characters), which are more-so the limitations of the video-game platform than

anything else. The series can be so engaging that I get upset that every episode isn’t out yet (which can be ra positive depending on how bad you would miss your pizza).

“Do you still think Biker Clubs are fun to play with?”
(Credit: Desperado Episode 1: Welcome Prospects/Wrath Films)

Glued to Your Seat…
Overall, Desperado is an entertaining perspective that dastardly shines a light upon our foolish intentions meshed with our quaintness for affection. Links to the episodes below.

Desperado Ep.1
Desperado Ep.2
Desperado Ep.3

The Case To Renew Timeless

When it comes to shows on television, I’m not usually the one who is caught up on all the seasons, especially when it comes to the hour-long shows that require hours of commitment and time to fully enjoy.


While many of my friends were talking about the latest episodes of their favorite shows, I was out of the loop on most of the conversations because I either didn’t have time to catch up on the episodes of the show or I just didn’t care for the show. I get distracted easily so it’s easy for me to lose interest in a show especially with all of the options available these days with streaming and DVR capabilities.


However, on October 3rd 2016, I was caught by surprise and my perspective on television dramas changed when I watched the series premiere of Timeless on NBC.


To give you a quick background on Timeless, the show is about the “Time Team,” a crew consisting of history professor Lucy Preston, Delta Force Operative Wyatt Logan, and programmer Rufus Carlin. Together they are assigned on missions by the FBI to track and capture ex NSA asset Garcia Flynn as he travels through time attempting to change history. (Tried my absolute best to write this section without giving any major spoiler to the plot)


The show turned out to be spectacular and has rallied a large fan base through the course of its 16-episode season. Each episode presents a new time period with a historic moment at risk which if effected would change the entire course of history. Whether the Time Team is in 2017 or in 1937, the setting feels rich, authentic, and historically accurate. Each episode presents critical challenges for Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus as their faith and trust in each other is put to the test. Each of them have interesting backgrounds and conflicts that they face and are constantly reminded of while completing their mission. After watching the first episode, I felt a connection to the characters because they embody ordinary people and you can feel for them in their situation. (SPOILER ALERT) For an example, Wyatt struggles to accept that his wife Jessica could never be brought back to life no matter what he does with history (END OF SPOILER ALERT) The show’s use writer’s, cast, and crew have created an authentic universe with realistic characters in critical situations that make for heart-stopping television entertainment.


However, even with Timeless’ fanbase and success, the show is still at risk of cancellation as NBC will have to decide which of its new shows they will renew and which ones they will discontinue. The cast and crew as well as fans of the show have taken their campaign to get the show renewed on social media using the hashtag #RenewTimeless on Twitter.


Season one of Timeless was outstanding, giving its audience a new kind of television drama. Its magnificent characters, and storylines reflect the hard work and passion that the cast and crew had to develop such a mysterious yet wonderful world.


If NBC cancels Timeless, it will cut the life of a show with wonderful storylines, relatable characters, and historically authentic settings that create an exquisite world that takes its audience’s breath away.


However, if NBC renews the show, it can keep that wonderful world alive and allow the cast and crew to continue to tell the stories of Rufus, Lucy, and Wyatt and their adventures through time. If the cast and crew remain passionate and continue to be passionate and dedicate their artistry to the show, Timeless doesn’t just have the opportunity to have the chance for a second season, but to be one of those television shows that comes once in a generation that people will appreciate for years to come.


For those who love Timeless, continue to to love and enjoy the show by showing your support on your social media. #RenewTimeless isn’t so hard to tweet. In days like this, it is up to we the audience to show passion for the shows that we love to watch and show the broadcast companies that they are shows worth keeping.


For those who have never watched the show before, my advice is to stream the first season where ever you can find it  (My best guess is Hulu or on NBC’s website). Watch the first two or so episodes and take a chance to immerse yourself into the’ shows universe and watch the character’s stories unfold and perhaps you may see why many people are passionate about their favorite time team.


I’ve never been too big on television dramas, but since I’ve seen Timeless, I see the potential that television shows can have. Like movies, they too can tell amazing stories that make us go into the state of wonder and ask questions about the show and about our own situations. I only hope that NBC could renew this amazing show and allow the shows story to unfold beyond its first season.

12 Monkeys TV Spoilers

Untitled-212 Monkeys is a cerebral scifi drama from SyFy(once known as SciFi) inspired by the second film in the Orwellian triptych known by the same name and released in 1995. The original film won Brad Pitt(Fight Club, Inglorious Bastards) a Golden Globe for his truly remarkable acting in a supporting cast, of course any movie with a lead by Bruce Willis(Die Hard, Die Hard, Die Hard) is bound to be worth a watch. Sadly these tremendous actors have not graced the small screen for this TV interpretation of a classic film. I have watched the original movie several times, mostly in bits and pieces but eventually a few times through. It was awhile before I realized what was going on and I believe it’s meant to be purposefully ambiguous, the story of the movie is disjointed much like pulp fiction it isn’t until the end that you can put the pieces together. My rough understanding of the film is that Bruce Willis plays a time traveler whose method of time travel actually makes him insane, thus making for a shaky credibility throughout the film. The story involves an engineered disease that devastates the world, and our main character travels back in time from a dystopian future to stop it from happening.

This TV adaption is not left without it’s fair share of acting talent, Kirk Acevedo(Fringe) and Aaron Stanford(X-men) are among the excellent cast we have for this show. The TV show has been bothering me though, it seems like things are a bit easier for our new protagonist then I remember. Our main character “James Cole” played by Aaron Stanford does not have that shaky credibility inspired by the madness of time travel working against him. Of course we’re only one episode in so it is quite possible that things can take a turn for the worse, but at this moment I don’t see that happening. They do seem to be taking liberties with this as well, Jeffrey Goines has become Jennifer Goines played by Emily Hampshire which isn’t a huge deal but she has some big shoes to fill if she’s going to contend with Brad Pitt’s performance. We only see her for a few moments in the first episode, but it looks like she’s going to return in the next two at the very least, and what we do see from her is promising.

Over all the show does seem promising, and if you haven’t seen the original movie it shouldn’t be an issue watching the series. It does have a few more special effects then we might remember from the original movie, and the story is obviously going to flow a little differently then you remember. The only thing that I’ve found disappointing is that it just doesn’t feel as dark which is something I miss, but isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

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Christmas, Cheese Balls, and the Crayon Incident


Every Christmas season is pretty much the same for me. One side of the family gets together at one location on Christmas Eve, and the other side gets together somewhere else on Christmas day. Both sides love each other, but come on, there are a lot of us and most of them are old. Here are a few iconic holiday things that cease to disappear every year.

The infamous Cheese Ball. I have no idea what Grandma Sonja puts in it, but as soon as she whips that bad boy out with some Ritz crackers, all Hell breaks loose. Most relatives attack it head on, trying to make small talk to distract their adversaries from the heavenly cheese sphere. Me, I wait, because after they have their fill, I can indulge calmly and take my time with the ball of cheese.

Wii Sports. Again, most of my relatives are older and they want to connect with us young folk. One thing they always do when they visit is challenge us to games in Wii Sports games. My Grandma (same one who plants the deadly cheese ball) claims she used to be a professional bowler. She wins most of the time on the Wii, but as soon as someone gets ahead of her, the old “this dang remote is acting up on me” excuse flies out her mouth. Grandma is great.

Christmas Eve Skate Session. Every year, my father and I head out to a skate park and rip it up on Christmas Eve. Sometimes we have a lot of people, sometimes it is just us. This year we will be chillin’ and killin’ out in Cordelia with about fifteen other skaters. What better way to celebrate the holiday you love by doing what you love?

The Crayon Incident. This only happened once, but it gets reminded every year. So here I was, sitting across the cards table from my Uncle Dan. The table is in the middle of the living room with chairs and couches around the bottom of it so people not playing cards can watch TV. Behind my Uncle is kitchen which is open to the living room. He and I were sitting watching TV because the other seats were taken up. I’m just relaxing, and I hear somebody rip one, like a long one. Every one instantly blames me because I was a teenage boy who leaked like a gas line, BUT it wasn’t me, it was my Uncle. He got red-faced and started busting up laughing and in an attempt to waft the fart away with a  box of crayons, the whole box opened up. We got methane in the air, crayons flying everywhere, people on their knees laughing, my cousin gasping for air as she laughs with cheese ball in her mouth, and I am in the middle of the chaos. The Crayon Incident.

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Happy Holidays, DJGingerbeard

From Dusk Till Dawn TV Review (Spoilers)


I am sitting here absolutely blown away by the new show From Dusk Till Dawn. This title may sound familiar to you, and it should. It is the name of a cult classic that came out in 1996 written by Quentin Tarantino and directed by Robert Rodriguez. Boasting actors with a lot of star power, Quentin Tarantino, and George Clooney portrayed the “Gecko” brothers, a ruthless duo; wanted in the eyes of the law. There are also appearance from Danny Trejo playing a bartender in every movie of the series, and Cheech Marin who was cast to 3 different roles. Which put all together basically means the show has some big boots to fill.

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Archer Season 5 Review (Spoilers)

archer vice 2

Archer has just hit it’s fifth season with Archer Vice! If you haven’t caught the show yet let this be your wake up call. The voice of Sterling Archer is played by H. Jon Benjamin whom you may know as the voice of Bob from Bob’s burgers. Basically Archer is an inept James Bond figure who goes through zany adventures with an eclectic crew that at times seem a little more then unstable. This is all in addition to the huge amount of references towards other shows, old movies and popular media that is prevalent throughout each episode. Specifically references to Burt Reynolds (who actually voiced himself on the show) and the movie Smokey and the Bandit are some of my favorite.

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The Americans: The Most Underrated Show on Television


The only Cold War-era show on tv, FX’s The American’s, starts their second season on Friday, February 28 at 10 pm and I couldn’t be more excited.

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Sleepy Hollow Review (Spoilers)


For those not in the know, there’s a new rendition of Sleepy Hollow- this time in the form of a dramatic tv show, and if you’re not into spoilers now would be the time to stop reading. This show foretells the coming of the end of the world. Ichabod Crane awakens after 250 years; having been slain in battle he must now stop a man whom he beheaded centuries ago. As it’s explained throughout the show, apparently this headless figure is as you might have guessed “the headless horseman.” He is also Death Incarnate. It’s up to Crane and his new partner, a police officer (also the only one who believes in him) to stop random supernatural beings from ending the world.

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Who Says You Don’t Have Time to Watch Your Favorite TV Shows?

By: Joanne Serrieh

From personal experience, I can say that college students rarely have time to watch TV because of the crazy schedules that we have. We’re usually running from one class to another, then we go to work, then do homework and study, then possibly have a little spare time to eat, drink and sometimes we actually get some sleep! How many times have you heard about a new TV show premiering soon and in the back of your mind you are hoping to fit in sometime to watch it? I know this has happened to me many times and usually I ended up watching a few episodes here and there but I rarely watched a whole season. I eventually found a way to deal with this dilemma. Just how I set aside some of my time for shopping, the gym or what ever else I try to do during the little free time that I have, I usually set aside my Fridays (or at least parts of my Fridays) for catching up on some of my favorite TV shows.

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CM Punk: Best In The World DVD/Bluray Review


The documentary portion of the new CM Punk released by the WWE featured a history of CM Punks career, highlighting his journey through various indie organizations, Ring of Honor, Ohio Valley Wrestling, WWECW and then the WWE, ending with his victory against John Cena at Money In The Bank. The overall presentation is clean and polished, featuring interviews with Punk’s friends and colleagues.

The set also combines this packaged history with a “day of life of” portion intertwined. This segment showed CM Punk as he takes care of various responsibilities of being WWE champ. They showed off his home, signing appearances, tour bus, and lounging with wrestling pal Kofi Kingston.

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