Lord Henry Wotton, Victorian Douchebag

Lord Henry Wotton

You know that guy at parties or dinners that everyone listens to? That guy ten people are gathered around, simply riveted by his every word? The heavy bass is booming in the other room, but these sheeple are sitting around him like he’s Gandhi. Maybe it’s his voice, or the way he dresses, you think.

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Album Review: Vuvuzala – “The Hollow Choir”

Vuvuzela is a New York based band that warms my black heart. They rose from the ashes of a chaotic indie band I adored called Kiss Kiss and thankfully retain the weirdness that the former band carried.


Over a year ago I contributed my first $10 to a fund-raising effort on KickStarter. This project was the attempt to fund the recording of Vuvuzela’s EP, “The Hollow Choir.” The band succeeded and in the time since then, I bugged the hell out of the band about the recording and kept an eye on their progress. I was often given vague responses which made it almost frustrating to read things like “Recording percussion today for our almost finished album! Cabasa, Guiro and Vibraphone Oh My!” and ” One of the most unfulfilling things you can do is record an entire album, listen to it 30x in your car, and then not release it for months!!” on the band’s twitter over that year. I wanted to hear whatever this beautiful monster was going to be as time went on, so being so secretive certainly helped to build hype and excitement in me.

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