TBD Fest 2014 Review

10497888_977879928905052_6671002027215165432_oAnd just like that, TBD Fest 2014 came and went.  I won’t bore you with the historical background of this festival (I already did that).  So lets get to it!

There were some technical difficulties of sorts to start things off.  The crowd was not let in to the grounds on opening day, October 3rd, until close to the close of amazing local band Autumn Sky’s set around 4 PM’ish.  Once things opened up and everyone came in, amazing happened.  I could tell you how amazing so many artists were this weekend, but that would be a very lengthy read for you.  Instead, just know that many were extremely on point.  But for the sake of getting it out there, here’s a list of bands I saw (in no particular order except from me reading the schedule from Friday to Sunday):  Autumn Sky, Who Cares, Exmag, Young Rising Sons, The Drums, Gramatik, Com Truise, Dillon Francis, Danny Brown, French Horn Rebellion, The War on Drugs, Male Gaze, Smallpools, Sister Crayon, MS MR, Teen Daze, Explosions in the Sky, Keys N Krates, Kurt Vile and the Violators, Total Slacker, Deltron 3030, 8th Grader, and Yacht. [Read more…]

Album Review: Teenage Ego Trip by Who Cares

teenage ego trip cover
It’s time to start missing the nineties in earnest.
I have personally found most of the popular party music of the oughts to be appallingly un-fun. Pop stars like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera were obviously processed, and especially in Britney’s case, overly-sexualized while vehemently denying the fact that they were. Eminem, an inescapable presence in the last ten years, was first refreshingly frank, then gradually wore out his welcome by staying so misanthropic that we all had to conclude his whole persona was an act. Basically, the last decade lied to our faces and expected us to be “sophisticated” enough to get the joke.

Enough of that. [Read more…]

Show Review: Aesop Rock with Rob Sonic & DJ Big Wiz at Sac State, 11/3/2011

Sac State Unique Flier
College shows are different. As a jaded returning college student who saw most of her concerts on the Sunset Strip (and also in Glendale, but we won’t talk about that,) I have become achingly familiar with the never-ending encore, a staple in the Los Angeles music scene that I had assumed was universal. The few shows I’ve seen in Sacramento had done nothing to change this impression.

But anyway… [Read more…]

Our Relationships With Our Favorite Teams

Re-blogging this because I like it.  Originally posted January 22, 2011, but edited to be relevant today.

This was going to be a blog about why Monta Ellis of the Golden State Warriors should have been an All-Star for the 2010-2011 season.  But all that was going to be was my biased opinion towards one of my favorite players, coupled with a few stats.  So, trust me that Monta is good, and should have been an All-Star.  If you don’t believe me, watch some highlights and look up the numbers.  I don’t need a full blog to tell you that.

On the subject of the Golden State Warriors though, I was watching them play the Kings one Friday night and couldn’t help but become infuriated watching them make the same mistakes they’ve made over, and over and over again.  It’s the same thing with all of my favorite teams: the 49ers, the A’s, the Sharks, and of course, the Warriors.  They all do the same things wrong, every game, every season.  It may not be the same thing every year, but there’s something that causes their lackluster performances every season.  Whether it’s the Warriors’ poor defense and shot selection, whether it’s the 49ers conservative offense and over-aggressive defense, the A’s inability to have a clutch hit, or the Sharks inability to play defense when it counts, it is all FRUSTRATING. [Read more…]