Top 5 Most Irritating Habits of College Students


Now in my 8th and (for now) final year of college, I’ve spent enough time in classrooms and around my peers to notice that some of them are completely inconsiderate, rude, entitled people. Granted, this can be said of any group of people. But there are some things that specifically college students do that I just haven’t observed in others. Now that the semester is nearly over and I’ve got some free time, I’ve compiled the top 5 most irritating, rude, and obnoxious behaviors of college students. Hopefully this post can serve as a public service announcement, and someone, somewhere, will learn something.

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25 Thoughts we’ve all had during group projects




By: Joanne Serrieh


Depending on what kind of person you are, group projects can be the most stressful part of your college years. Okay, maybe not THAT stressful but a lot of us have the same thoughts go through our heads when we find out we are getting assigned to a group…thoughts like the following:


  1. First day of class, you’re reading the syllabus. You will be assigned three major papers, a midterm and a final. Then you read the words, “group project.” That’s when your heart stops beating.
  2. You start to think to yourself that by the time you’re assigned this project, you will have probably gotten to know your classmates. You can then select a good group to work with.
  3. Only to realize the professor will randomly assign you to a group. Start panicking.
  4. This is when the internal dialogue begins and doesn’t end till after the project is turned in.
  5. Please assign me to a group of hard workers.
  6. Oh no, not that topic!
  7. Okay first group member. I had a class with him before, he’s a good student.
  8. Oh no, professor grouped me with the kid who’s always sleeping in class.
  9. Great! My third group member is NEVER in class. More work for me.
  10. Okay, now I know my team members, I need to know my plan.
  11. But first, let me take a selfie ask the professor if all group members will receive the same grade or not then I’ll set my plan.
  12. Oh shoot, we’re all getting the same grade.
  13. I need to step up to the leader position because no one else will do it.
  14. Alright, you’re doing part A, you’re doing part B, you’re doing part C and I’ll take care of the  hard stuff.
  15. Oh no, why did I volunteer to do that?!
  16. *Two days before project is due* I have sent them five emails and only received one response. Cool.
  17. Okay then, I guess I will just do this whole thing by myself since WE’RE ALL GETTING THE SAME GRADE AND I DON’T WANT TO FAIL!
  18. *Due date in class* God please let me walk out of this class without hurting anyone.
  19. Oh, you didn’t do your part but now you want to present with the rest of us?
  21. *During presentation* Wow, I did not expect you to take my last statement in a literal way but thank you.
  22. It’s not like I put all of this together or anything.
  23. Presentation is over? How am I so calm right now?
  24. Okay, I’m just going to sit back down and listen to my group members talk about how glad they are now that it’s over.
  25. You know what? Whatever. I’m done. Just done.

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