Favorite Albums of All Time: Kanye West, Kaskade, Settle, and Last Dinosaur


My favorite album of all time is a hard question to necessarily answer. I actually have four different ones, one each representing my favorite album for that particular genre.

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10 Reasons Why “The Yeezus Tour” is a Big Deal


Kanye West will be going on tour this month and yes, it is a big deal! But why, you may ask? Here, I compiled 10 reasons why it is, so go read it fans/haters!

10. Hasn’t done a solo headliner in 5 years 

The poster says it all. Kanye hasn’t done a solo tour in 5 years, the last one being the “Glow in the Dark Tour”. He skipped out on a supporting tour for what can be argued as his best album yet, “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,” so he could be making up for lost time. Although he has done Coachella, the Made In America Music festival, and went on tour with Jay-Z to support “Watch the Throne” over these last five years, nothing is quite the same as your own headline tour. Especially with Kanye at the helm, and no one else, who knows what can happen.

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