Re-Introduction of DJGingerbeard

2014-09-29 14.36.44

Hello beautiful people! It is a new year; this means new eyes to see this blog and new ears to listen to KSSU. Most of the DJ’s here play a mix of music, mainly consisting of hip-hop, Alternative, or Indie.

I play “Heavy Music”. What is Heavy Music you ask? Anything ranging from Post-Hardcore (Singing, double-bass pedals, drop tuned guitars) to death metal (blast beats, pig squeals, crazy sweeps). Music is all subjective, but i like to play both mainstream and unknown or unsigned metal artists. Heavy Music is not created to be a fad, a phase, a trend, or a revolt. It is meant to surge power into your veins. The euphoria is meant to make you instantly grow out your hair and head-bang or sing til your throat is dehydrated. Frission takes over your skin! Sounds great, right?

In between each song I speak for about thirty seconds. My narratives are filled with many things. For example, I talk about the bands, albums, CSUS spider problems, digestion, memories of injuries at concerts, cats, food, the love/hate relationship with water, deep philosophical ideas, and many more things that sound interesting and may never concern you. It develops a sense of entertainment and reflection on your own life to be spontaneous and happy. Speaking of spontaneous, my show is unscripted, unplanned, and never outlined. The only thing I plan ahead is my playlist.

Every playlist I try to play a mixture of Heavy Music. Also, I will play music from three bands who like and/or follow me on Instagram. Each show I post a picture, add information on my show, hash-tag the bands I play, and also tag the bands. So, any similar bands who like my music follow and/or like me. In turn, I can check out their stuff and if I like it, they will end up on my show.

I guess the main reason why you should listen in on “Shred the Gnar” is because my show is heavy, random, funny, and meaningful to metal lovers, musicians, and hippie-folk.

Check me out on Thursday mornings at 9 o’ clock yo!

“Shred the Gnar” with my DJGingerbeard on!!!