CD Review: 3Flection’s “Adapt & Evolve”

adapt and evolve 3flection

Minnesota, the proud home-town of the extraordinarily talented hip-hop duo Atmosphere, can now claim a fresh new rapper with a fresh new album. 3Flection’s Adapt & Evolve is hot on the KSSU Hip-Hop shelf, and while there are a number of tracks showing signs of extraordinary talent (especially in the flow department), there are as many tracks that lack luster and fall flat on the ears of this DJ.

3flectionThe album’s opening track, “Growth”, is the epitome of the urban and hyped rap that 3Flection rocks. Big beats, horns, and choir singers backing up a loud hook make this song one of the best on the album. This is where 3Flection’s exceptional flow and catchy energy come together to create a great track.

3Flection has a flow that seems unstoppable at times. “Carry On” exemplifies this fact. I wouldn’t say 3Flection ever reaches the level of rocking the mic, but there are a number of times when he comes close. El.I.Be features on this track and delivers an equally impressive flow. To the album’s credit, all the features are well utilized and add depth to their respective song, whether it’s a verse of their own or on the hook.

As the album progresses from these tracks (the first two of the album), 3Flection’s flow slows down progressively and the beats shrink at the same rate. In my opinion, this doesn’t play to 3Flection’s strengths. Enter “Televisions to Mirrors”, which is an adrenaline shot to this album’s slowing heart rate. The beat is another big one featuring symphonic instruments, this time piano and violins. The hook is a haunting singing performance by Rachel Dawley and the second verse is tight by featured rapper O-Lay.

Last but not least, there is “Sacrifices” which is a notable lyrical performance and change-up of style by 3Flection. Rapping with a comfortable flow over an acoustic guitar 3flection 1with an autotuned singing hook by featured artist West of Alone, this track easily earned a four star rating on my own iPod.

I also recommend “Black At The End’” which is this rapper’s own admission of alcohol addiction. Much like Kendrick Lamar’s “Swimming Pools”, there is a voice of the conscience coming in the background in an awesomely eerie way.

3Flection’s flow is better than most, and when paired with his seemingly natural hyped energy there is a dope synergy. However, this album lacks consistency executing this pairing, and thus many songs are less than notable.

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