Interview – Gil and Rani Sharone of Stolen Babies

I recently had the opportunity to interview world renowned drummer Gil. Giland is a member of Stolen Babies, a former member of Dilinger Escape Plan, and a contributer to Puscifer (Maynard of Tool’s side project). When we were able to chat Gil informed me that his brother, and fellow Stolen Babies member/pucifer contributer, Rani was also able to talk. Unbeknown to Gil, Rani is one of the most influential musicians to my personal musical growth, so I was unbelievably stoked to talk with them both.

The three of us discuss their various projects (Puscifer, Dilinger Escape Plan, etc), their first band, the episode of Full House they appeared in, their relationship with Invader Zim creator Jhonen Vasquez, the new album Naught, and much much more.

Hear the Full interview after the jump…

Gil on drums in the top hat & Rani on bass in the…dress?

This was the only clip I could find of the guys on Full House.

Get Naught by Stolen Babies now via No Comment Records

Check out Stolen Babies on tour now! For info and dates go to their website or Facebook

_Daniel Cordova
Tune in to Far Beyond Metal every Tuesday from 3-5 PM PST on

PS, Join me in seeing them on October 19th for the Naught record release show at Bottom Of The Hill in San Francisco


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