Any Plans For Halloween? BOO! SF 2018

With Halloween just around the corner, Insomniac Events returns to San Francisco’s Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. Historically, Insomniac Events have been known to throw some of the best parties in California all year ’round. From ringing in the New Year with “Countdown NYE”, and a Valentine’s day rave called “Crush”, you can never go wrong with buying tickets to a party hosted by Insomniac.

This year’s Halloween themed rave “BOO!” returns for another year. Much like last year, it will be a two day event. Since the line up for this year’s event has been released there has been a clear divide on the types of genres being represented this time around.

Day One features some of the world’s most celebrated House DJs and producers. Featuring the likes of Habstrakt, the creator of last summer’s festival anthem “Chicken Soup” this first day is full of bass lines and House records that are guaranteed to have you dancing all night. What I find the most interesting is that Malaa is headlining the show and is scheduled to preform right before the well known DJ Afrojack.

Image courtesy of BOO!

Malaa is signed to the label Confession, pioneered by the French electronic producer Tchami. The Confession recording label has gained a reputation of putting out a number of House records which bring the exotic and seductive sounds of Europe to the United States. Making his debut to the electronic music scene with his single “Notorious”, it is no doubt that the western rave culture has taken a liking to the Future house sound.

I have noticed that a new trend is starting to take over in the Western Electronic Music scene here in Northern California. Around the time of my first rave in 2016, I saw the Trance and Progressive house DJ ATB. In 2016 Big Room House music was trending here in California through the sounds of Calvin Harris and Swedish House Mafia.

Fast forward to present day and in 2018 I’ve noticed a number of California raves and festivals are moving away form the Big Room House sound. Instead, there seems to be a trend of Bass House and Future House talent being booked for most of the events here in California.

I am excited to finally see a whole lineup dedicated to the House genre and I am the most excited to see Malaa live, as well seeing Afrojack closing out the show. BOO! SF’s day 2 line up is more of heavy, head banging sound with GTA and Flosstradamus. Be on the look out for my Day 2 preview. Till then, keep it locked here on KSSU.

My Summer’s Highlight

The biggest highlight of my summer was going to a Jazz and Blues club in San Francisco called Biscuits & Blues. I was invited to join my sister for my birthday weekend. I am interested in live performances, and this was the first time I was able to see someone perform the Blues music genre live.

The performer was a nineteen year old male from Mississippi named Christone Ingram, better known by his stage name Kingfish. He is a Blues guitarist and a singer and he caught my attention on a few television shows I have been watching on Netflix over the summer. My sister informed me that he was touring this summer and was performing the weekend of my birthday so I was thrilled to see him perform live.

The night of the show, my sister and I went inside the Blues club which was filled with a lot of middle aged couples. The food was amazing and so was the service. Kingfish finally entered the stage with his pianist and drummer and the first few songs they played were his original songs which were heartwarming. I did not realize how much I enjoyed listening to live Blues music until I witnessed his performance. His voice had a mellow tone, and his lyrics were relatable. He went to the crowd to play his last written song,= and when he returned to the stage, he played the guitar with his mouth. I was very amazed with this young man.

The next few songs were from artists I knew such as BB King, James Brown, and more. The music had me reminisce about my childhood because my family would play those artists when I was younger during the holidays.

Towards the end of his show, he asked the audience what the last song should be. Someone said the belated singer Prince which made Kingfish smile. The lights on the stage were different colors, but then they all turned purple. Prince was known for the color purple because he used to wear the color often and even made a song called Purple Rain. Kingfish began to play the song with his guitar and it sent shivers in my body because I am a Prince fan.

When Kingfish’s performance was over, I left the club satisfied. I will definitely enjoy seeing him perform again. For anyone who is interested in listening to blues music, I would recommend visiting Biscuits and Blues in San Francisco. Also yes, they do serve biscuits in case you were wondering. The club has different performers every week so if you’re interested, check out their website. As for Kingfish, I plan on playing his music throughout the semester to bring a new sound to my show. Feel free to check out his music online as well.

I did not expect my birthday weekend to have such a satisfying jazz club experience. I hope all of you enjoyed your summer as much as I did and if not, enjoy this semester by attending events on campus and listening to KSSU. Make every day awesome!

Sacramento Local Bands & Shows

Lately, there hasn’t been an influx of recognition for local bands. Support the young and locals! Here are a couple of rad upcoming bands in the Sacramento area:

Rosemother |

Rosemother is a fun loving Sacramento band. The band is fronted by Haley Junker on the vocals/keyboard/guitar, Carson Junker on the drums, Maddie Edel on the guitar, and new addition Avery Mcpherson on the bass. They incorporate aspects of indie, synth and psychedelic rock into their music. In many of their tracks, you can catch Mac Demarco and Mild High Club influences. A favorite track is “For One Thing”, with catchy vocals and a garage rock sound. Check out their Instagram & Soundcloud for show dates and new tracks!

Pierce and the Gals |

Pierce and the Gals is a funky rock and roll band from Sacramento. Within the past year, they’ve released a new single and self-titled EP. Musically, they’re inspiration comes from Pink Floyd. A favorite track of their’s is “Molly”, a song with funky guitar and melodic vocals. Their next show is with Enjoy and Wyatt Shears from the band, The Garden. It should be a rad show. Check out the info for it below! Check their socials for more details on show & new music.

Destroy Boys |

Destroy Boys is a female fronted, garage rock trio from Sacramento that joined together in early 2016. They signed to Uncool Records in August of 2016 and are kicking off their graduation tour this summer as the members graduate from high school. DB’s music encapsulates themes of feminism, relationships and growth during hard times. Check out their Instagram and keep up with their tour info!

Shows you should go to this summer:

Destroy Boys, June 9th @ Honey Hive Gallery, San Francisco

Rosemother w/ 1800 & Weird Fun, June 14th @ Naked Lounge, 1111 H Street, Sacramento (7 p.m.)

Pierce and the Gals w/ Enjoy & Cowgirl Clue, June 29th @ The Colony, Sacramento (4-7 p.m. $10)



BANGTAN BOYS – Highlight Tour (San Francisco)


Hello All!!!

Last Tuesday, I was FINALLY able to see one of my all-time favorite KPOP groups, Bangtan Boys (BTS) in San Francisco!!! I was so sad when I was not able to go to their “The Red Bullet” concert because it sold out in literally 2 minutes! *CRIESSS* TGM Entertainment (Organizer) didn’t tell us many details about the event besides that there would be a performance, autograph session, hi-touch, and group photo. I’m actually not into the members as most fans were because I actually love BTS for their music and not the members, but my dear friend, who’s life ultimate favorite group is BTS, was the one who bought me the VIP tickets and at first I was hesitant because I didn’t care about all the perks, I just wanted to see them perform. The only people I was excited to meet were Suga, Rap Monster, and J- Hope, because their skills blows my mind!

This is a blurb of my experience

Autograph session:

After picking up our wristband at Holiday Inn, we had to walk back over to Nourse Theater. There were two opposite lines that wrapped around the theater on both sides, one VIP, and the other for general admission. As I entered the door for the autograph session, THEY WERE FREAKiNG RIGHT THERE! Right in the front, sitting at a long table and smiling beautifully to the fans as they signed their posters. I freaked out a little, OK I lied, a lot, because I really didn’t expect to have any feeeelz when I saw them what-so-ever, like I said, I was more into their music, but just seeing them in real life evoked all these emotions. Like I kept jumping up and down because I was so excited, I was probably one of the oldest one there and the least calm. HAH! …I wish I was cool sometimes…

Going down the line with each one as they signed my poster, they were all quiet, it’s probably the language barrier. They all look even more gorgeous in up-close, like HOW IS EVERYONE’S SKIN SO CLEAR?! What product do you guys use?! I just told each one I love them, but when I reached Suga, I said, “I love you,” a bit more shyly because he’s my favorite. He smiled and did a double take at my arm and pointed at it with his pen and FREAKIN said, “Nice tattoo” IN THE MOST-COOLEST TONE EVER!!!!! You guys don’t even know how much I squealed! (Of course, only after I stepped out the door). This fool, he is the “cool-laid back about any one” guy in the group!!! Like, for him to say that to me, ME! This one right here! *points finger at myself* IT. WAS. WOW. I even posted what he said on Tumblr and someone actually even asked, “What tattoo do you have for him to say that to you?” Because yes yall, it was LIKE. THAT. Yall get the drift. Ok, i’m getting all excited again…. *inhale, exhale* On to the next…


I came in with the expectation of 6-8 songs. They only performed 4! 4! *pouts* They were great live, but I just expected more songs. They performed N.O., DOPE, Boy in Luv and I Need U. I can seriously watch them dance and sing forever. However after the last song, they just said an insincere thank you and a quick bye and just got off the stage. Most performer would say some sort of speech, but they didn’t. EVERYONE thought it was a joke and were confused until they turned on the lights in the auditorium and asked everyone to line up for the hi-touch. That was so weird…

Hi-Touch / Group Photo

This was probably the most hectic because all 1000+ people get hi-touch. What bugged me a little was that they changed from 8 people per photo to 25 people per photo! It was less intimate. The line took forever, probably an hour, but I didn’t mind, I was able to talk to people in line around me and I swear almost every KPOP concert I’ve been to, the fans are sweetest and friendliest! I mean there are fandoms who are rude, but that’s another story. So in the end I was able to high five them all and take a group picture! Heck, to me that’s awesome in itself. (But what Suga said, takes the cake!)

All in all:

It was an awesome experience for me! Fans were mad at TGM because the whole event was super unorganized. People didn’t have their seats, because they gave out double seat numbers, lines were screwy, and a couple of out-of-hand fans. But hey, the organizer were the one who brought them here! International fans aren’t as lucky as Asian fans, so I’m grateful for the opportunity to be able to meet them and watch them perform live. I can’t wait until their next real concert, I’ll be sure not to miss it next time!


Earth Day


On Tuesday, April 22, is the 44th Earth Day. On Earth Day, the United States and other countries around the world will hold events to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Growing up, I have always wondered on how Earth Day came to an existence and what the significance of it was. So when I saw the opportunity to write an article about Earth Day, I decided to take it upon myself to research the subject.

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Album Review: “Carrier” – Dodos


The first time I came across the Dodos was when I heard their song, “Black Night”, off their 2008 album, Visiter. I probably played that song on repeat for a day until I forced myself to find some other songs of theirs and mix it up a bit. To this day, every time “Black Night” comes up on shuffle, I subconsciously reach for the volume, turn it up, start bobbing my head to the infectious beat, and if I’m in the car, roll down the windows and start singing. Judge all you want.

When I heard they were coming out with a new record on Polyvinyl Records, I was ecstatic to say the least. I got my hands on “Carrier” this morning and am already on my fifth listen. I was expecting to find a few new favorites to add to my Dodos library. What I was not expecting was to fall in love with every song. “Carrier” comes together in a way that each song brings something to the whole album and really should be listened to all the way through, at least on the first listen.

Like many great albums before, “Carrier” is unfortunately reflective on the passing of a dear friend to the band, guitarist Chris Reimer. However, instead of creating a melancholy and gloomy album, the Dodos thoughtfully put together a piece of work that is soft, but powerful. The main word that comes to my mind upon listening to it over and over is “beautiful”. Yeah, that mind sound cliché, but it’s the truth. From Meric Long’s haunting and soothing voice, the crisp guitar work, and Logan Kroeber’s skillful and poignant drumming, the duo has put out their best work to date. With no over-the-top studio production and a focus on clear instrumentation and vocals, “Carrier” is pure, raw sound.

The Dodos

While I said every song is equally great and deserves a listen, I know in this busy world, taking the time to sit and listen to an album all the way through is a hefty request. If I had to recommend only one song from the album, it would be “Confidence”. The song, which is the first single, starts off gentle with Long’s voice over bright guitars. Kroeber joins in with his impeccable drumming and the tempo changes noticeably twice, leading to a thundering and compelling sound in the end. The progression is flawlessly executed.

Luckily for those of us in Sacramento, the Dodos are a San Francisco based band and will be coming through our own hometown in a couple of weeks. They will be playing at Harlow’s on Thursday, September 5th. Head over to the website and make sure to get tickets before they sell out! And don’t forget to give “Carrier” a listen.

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DJ Constance – Sasha Tokas

Show Review: Best Coast/Bleached @ The Fillmore – 8/15/2013


Is there a better way to spend an August night than in a full house at The Fillmore in San Francisco, watching the king and queen of California surf rock take the stage and hearts of their faithful Norcal subjects? No, there is not. Best Coast in the summertime: this is as good as life gets.


The summery-Calfornia-themed night started off with the indie-rock duo, Bleached. Fronted by sisters, Jessica and Jennifer Clavin, the girls got the crowd moving and in the right mood. With a noticeable garage-rock and punk feel, the Clavin sisters brought their audience to life with some serious head bobbing and foot tapping. I had the sneaking suspicion that if people weren’t saving their energy for later in the evening, there would have been some epic moshing, too. While playing older classics like “Think of You”, songs off their new album, Ride Your Heart, like “Dead in Your Head” and “Next Stop” were well-received. Though their set was short, I could have watched them for another hour at least. Bleached put on an awesome show and are definitely going to be a band I’ll be keeping tabs on for future shows and more rad music!

By the time Best Coast came out on stage, the Fillmore was so packed it seemed like it was about to burst from the seams. The only way to really experience live music: hot, sweaty, and borderline claustrophobic. In a bit of irony, the band started playing, Bethany Cosentino’s sweet voice glazed the room, and the set began with the song, “Goodbye”. Immediately I was impressed by the level of production. The music was loud, but you could clearly hear each instrument and Cosentino’s voice. Quite impressive.

The next song that they played was the popular, “The Only Place”, a song about sitting around at the beach, out in the sun, and how California is pretty much the best place in the world. Obviously. Cosentino sang out, “Why would you live anywhere else?… This is the only place for me” and the San Franciscan crowd went wild. Her angellic voice translated surprisingly well live and perhaps even better than recorded; something that cannot be said for many musicians today that rely on in-studio production to jazz up their voice. Bobb Bruno’s distinctive guitar sound was spot-on as ever.

Cosentino’s dynamic personality gave her a glowing stage presence. Consistently interacting with her bandmates and the crowd between songs, the show felt incredibly interactive. At one point she informed the audience, “We’re gonna play a lot of new songs and sweat a lot”. She announced the release of their new Fade Away EP, due to appear in the upcoming months. That sent a wave of excitement around the room. Cosentino also asked for requests of covers people wanted to hear her sing. Accompanied by her talented band, she did a compelling rendition of The Cranberries’, “Dreams”, in her own style.

Best Coast

“When I’m With You” ended up being a sing-a-long with the audience, Cosentino forgot the words to “Each and Every Day”, laughed it off, and ended with a little song to say “Thank You” to everyone. Of course, claps and chanting of “Best Coast” brought the band out for an encore performance. Cosentino dedicated the last song, “Boyfriend”, to all of the single ladies in the crowd and they left to boisterous cheers and applause.

Best Coast puts on one heck of a show, that’s for sure. I will definitely see them again next time they come through Northern California. Don’t forget to check out their EP, Fade Away, when it comes out sometime in early Fall.

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DJ Constance – Sasha Tokas

The NFL: Why We (or I, at Least) Continue to Watch

The NFL made another fun rule change on Wednesday at the owners’ meetings, now making it illegal for an offensive player to initiate contact on a defender with the crown of his helmet. With the league taking heavy fire for post-career concussions, the move towards more player safety makes sense. Still, it’s pretty absurd. Running backs and wide receivers have to finish runs, gaining every inch of field that they can. The new rule will make for more penalties, more stoppages and more complaining.


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Show Review: Stars @ The Fillmore – 10/20/2012


Until this past weekend, I was only mildly familiar with Montreal indie-rock band, Stars. However, after putting on a stellar show (no pun intended) while promoting their new album, The North, at the Fillmore in San Francisco on Saturday night, I was sold.

The night had a peculiar start as I walked into the gorgeous venue and found it to be only about a third full. Opening act, California Wives, lived up to their name and filled the room with their beachy, dream pop tunes. Although there wasn’t a large crowd, those who were there seemed to enjoy what they heard. While it definitely wasn’t a standout performance, this band has a promising future. [Read more…]

Interview – Gil and Rani Sharone of Stolen Babies

I recently had the opportunity to interview world renowned drummer Gil. Giland is a member of Stolen Babies, a former member of Dilinger Escape Plan, and a contributer to Puscifer (Maynard of Tool’s side project). When we were able to chat Gil informed me that his brother, and fellow Stolen Babies member/pucifer contributer, Rani was also able to talk. Unbeknown to Gil, Rani is one of the most influential musicians to my personal musical growth, so I was unbelievably stoked to talk with them both.

The three of us discuss their various projects (Puscifer, Dilinger Escape Plan, etc), their first band, the episode of Full House they appeared in, their relationship with Invader Zim creator Jhonen Vasquez, the new album Naught, and much much more.

Hear the Full interview after the jump…
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